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How do you know what resources you need for your map? (especially textures)

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I'm currently in the middle of a mapping block because I don't really know which theme to choose among my ideas. But right now I'm trying to prepare a versatile textures pack that could be suitable for several themes that I might like (forest, gold mine, space...).


I don't want to map with a single pack like OTEX, so I decided to go through different texture packs. I see a lot of different textures but I can't really figure out which ones I'll need. I take a lot of textures that look cool, but in practice, I realize that I've taken a lot of textures that are not useful because I don't know how to use them right now.


To tell the truth, I've already participated in projects where the texture pack was limited.  I've always had the mentality of accepting the pack as it is and not asking for new textures even if I had some crazy ideas.


So, I'm asking those who have already organized projects or already organized their own texture pack for their personal project? How do you manage to choose the right textures for your wad?


To tell the truth, it frustrates me a lot, I'm often tempted to use only stock textures to avoid thinking too much. It's cool to map with custom textures but it's frustrating to don't know which textures I need.


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I just looking around the various textures  wad I have and searching the best for the theme I have in mind. I made in this way for the nanowadmo projects...

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Yeah this is a problem

For personal projects I'm trying to make all coherent(however in the past it was like soup of different content that felt cringe when I opened TEXTURE1 to see what's up there)

The first thing of my way is to download d1gfxd2

Then merge it with most recent Gothic's PatchTex, plutonia texture pack,

Add missing NUKAGE4, BLOOD4 and FIRELAV2 and FIREBLU3 graphics, add SWATER1-4 from Pre release Doom, and some other fixed in terms of alignment graphics like stone2, stone3, ceil1_1 etc

Fix W105_something door to be 128x128

And that's somewhat "canonic" texture pack for me

(I also add sprites from sprfix19 and a new palette that I can find in Slade, add corresponding colormap and fogmap(for swampy maps) at least and convert all graphics to match this palette)

Then I add lava falls from skultag iirc but I prefer to generate it myself by color remapping of BFALL with pre made translation table

Everything must be coherent: bricks must be alignable in powers of 2, other textures be well tiling, have correct names, so that when everything is polished, you open the builder and it hasn't to be even a bit looking cringe.

If you want to add something else, make it look coherent with your current texture pack and somewhat "canonic" to you


Every new texture must be COHERENT with chosen theme and your texture pack, that's the keyword

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