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Problems with files that have no data that I can't delete.

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It all started when I noticed the Scythe and Scythe 2 shortcuts on my desktop were actually the wad files, and I had gotten the shortcuts I made and the files mixed up. I fixed the problem easily, but for some reason, there was a file which was a Scythe 2 shortcut. For some reason, the file had no data (0 bytes), but could not be deleted. The problem got worse when I decided to move some Zombatar jpgs off my desktop, since PvZ exports them on the desktop. They had been moved, but had left remnant files with no data, and could not be deleted. Opening them does nothing, and moving them to the trash doesn't work. For some reason, emptying the trash causes them to disappear for a while, but does not last forever, and it only worked once. What do I do with these three files of annoyance? Please help. I use Windows.

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31 minutes ago, AtticTelephone said:


Which version?

Try refreshing the desktop. Or restart the system.

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First thing to try is simply reboot if you haven't already. Then attempt to delete again if they are still there.


If that doesn't work, you could try Shift+Delete to skip recycle bin.


You could also try using an elevated command prompt (run cmd.exe with admin rights, basically). But be very careful and always do a dir command to see the exact folder contents. You'll need to use commands like cd to change directories and del to delete the files.


If all else fails, I think there are some third party programs that can shred files on command but I wouldn't use them unless nothing else works, mainly because such programs can be shady and bundled with adware if you do standard installs.

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