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Kokoro Hane

Kokoro makes videos [Openings, PVs, and Trailers]

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I love video editing. It's a lot of fun. I've been doing this since 2009, so I'd say I'm fairly experienced and have gotten better over the years. Because of this, I enjoy making openings for some of my visual novels, PVs for my UTAU/VOCALOID covers, and trailers for my games. So I thought, why not share it on Doomworld? Maybe some of you may find it interesting. 


Everything under their category are listed from newest to oldest.


EDIT: No matter what I do, the thread doesn't seem to like multiple spoiler tags. And sadly when you edit, you can't see the spoiler code anymore *sigh* anyway so.....

Reveal shows openings / game trailers, under it is another reveal for UTAU/VOCALOID PVs, and another reveal shows more of that category. Sorry for the inconvenience! If I could edit the spoiler tag codes, then I could fix it and make it links instead.





This is the opening to my NaNoRenO (a 1 month visual novel jam) project "Since Where Did I Have a Combat Butler?!"

Funny thing about this opening... half of it was made on SUBMISSION DAY. Literally, I had to quickly wrap this up before launch. I wanted to make it more complex, but I just didn't have the time, but it worked out thankfully, it just wasn't as fancy as I had wanted to make it. Although this jam was supposed to be only a month long, it was extended by 2 weeks due to the pandemic, which was very helpful to me and my team too, as I almost had to release it voiceless and add them later, but in the end, I was able to release the fully voiced edition!


I'm quite proud of this. This trailer is for my first RPG Maker project "Crystal Captor: Memory Chronicle Finale" which was made for the first annual "So Bad, It's Good!" Jam back in 2017 (and scored #1, ye). It's fairly simple and makes the game look more serious than it actually is (because it's a purposeful comedic mess wahahaha). Girl (character's name Amina) you hear in the trailer is yours truly, feigning a terrible British-y accent and failing miserably lol.



This opening I made within 6 hours. I didn't edit straight for 6 hours, mind you, but within a span of 6 hours I made this. I'd edit a little, take a break, rinse and repeat. Anyway, aside from like a couple tiny mistakes that probably I only would notice, I'm very proud of this opening. It's for my otome visual novel "The Only One Girl", which remains my most popular game at like 4k downloads (and still counting). You may notice it says { First Quarter }, it was meant to be a longer game, but this short version was like a glorified demo with 15 pseudo endings, but due to a lot of unforseen stuff, I may not be able to make the full version I wanted. It's one of the reasons I released this version at all in case it ever had to be shelved, at least it exists in a somewhat completed state. It's 32k+ in length already, still being the longest VN I have released so far!



Fancy lyrical videos that accompany covers I've put together!





Press CCs for Eng subs. One of my best PVs to date! I am a HUGE fan of Hitoshizuku-P, and of course for a long time I had wanted my UTAU twins (both voiced by me) to sing "Karakuri Burst". It took some time, but I commish'd my friend to draw all the artwork, and as she finished a piece, I added it to the video project, that way it wouldn't take long to finish once I got the final piece. Worth every penny I spent, haha. I would watch the original PV for reference to try and imitate it as best I could, but I did a few unique touches to make it my own. The kanji on Yami's armband reads kokoro (heart). The labcoat woman is the next UTAU I'll be creating, Hoshi. I'm just waiting to receive the reclist recordings from her voice provider.




"ECHO" is probably one of the most well known English VOCALOID songs, originally sung by GUMI, composed by Crusher-P. Since the original .vsqx was distributed, I thought to have my favorite VOCALOID sing it, MEIKO! I had mixed this cover awhile ago, but I thought I had lost the image I rendered for it in MMD, but one day found it in my flashdrive and thought "hey, why not make a simple PV out of it?" so within 3 hours time, I created this. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 crashed a few times when I had a lot of lyric blocks, but I always save backups as I go along.



An original song, composed by Hopeless-C and lyrics by yours truly (but my Japanese is only 102 level so it is very, VERY simple, I did my best to make sure there weren't any mistakes but there could be small ones). So on dA, there's an UTAU group that has contests every so often, and I won, and one of the prizes was an original composition for your UTAU. I originally wrote this for Yami but felt it sounded better for Hikari. This used the beta version of her WAKING Append. The art was drawn by me so it's not really that good lol.







The first time I commissioned my friend Tasha for a PV. I probably could've mixed this one better (needs more reverb to sound more like the original MEIKO song), but I am happy with it nevertheless. I remember as I edited this, trying to match certain scenes and editing techniques shot for shot to the original PV. Most of the buildings you see here were drawn by my brother @Triangle Box Studio a long time ago on MS Paint. I had originally asked him to draw it for an animation we would collab on (he would draw, I do the story) but that never panned out lol so I used it in here instead.



So I did this one in MMD, all original motion and camera. Buuuut.... I'm still not the best animating in MMD so it was kinda stiff. These UTAU are androids anyway, so it kinda works? lol. I had made this as a contest entry to LadyOgien's UTAU contest. You just have to use her UTAU sisters, either one or both, so I used them for this cover. The song is one of my favorites from UTAU composer AvaliaKasa who, sadly, I found out she passed away last year, I believe it was a car accident. It really hurt my heart learning that 'cause I remember I even talked to her on Skype a few times many years ago. I only found out after wowaka passed away, since someone mentioned other recent passes in the community, so whenever I watch this I feel a twinge of sadness and reverence. 



The first UTAU PV I ever made. And, uniquely, a cover of an UTAU original, not VOCALOID lol. I had commissioned someone on dA to draw these two pieces. The PV is totally different from the original, which was just one image not moving around and the lyrics. The UTAU I used was voiced by a friend at the time, and she had told me about this UTAU and I used to use her a lot back then. Although this is super simple and has a few mistakes in font placement, I'm still proud of it today, and I am very proud of the mixing.

Anyway that is all for now, whenever I make something new, I'll add it to the list. Hope you enjoyed!

Edited by Kokoro Hane : fixing formatting issues

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( this topic is reserved for archive when the post above gets too big, link only will be in this post for even older videos when they get moved here )

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1 hour ago, P41R47 said:

great vids, girl!
You made some really neat editing work ;)


Thank you!


When I'm not so exhausted, I think I'll redo the thread to just be links since the spoiler tags hate me lol

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