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Bionicle Heroes: Doom Edition V0.8 Beta

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Here is the latest version of my Bionicle themed Doom mod.


This is a weapon and playerclass mod for GZdoom. This mod adds 8 new weapons. Weapon sprites were made by rendering 3d models taken from the original game.

STORY: You play as the Maskless Toa. You have the ability to summon weapons and powers based on what mask you wear. The Toa Mata have all lost their masks so you must find them and use them to fight back Makuta's invasion.
The Bionicle franchise is owned by LEGO, not me.

More pictures can be found in the link


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23 hours ago, OrbitalSpaceGarbage said:

I love this idea.


I now want to see Mini Fig Doom.

Did you see that I replaced the SS Nazis with Minifigs? They are just reskins tho.

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