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Looking for wads with rediculous amounts of monsters and virtually no storyline

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Seraph.wad by Virgil

Does have a sort of (crap) storyline, but the sheer amount of monsters is obscene!

Requires Zdoom due to almost everything.

Oneweek.wad (the result of Metabolist's One Week wad contest)

The first levels are kinda normal, but it doesn't stay that way for long.

Equinox.wad is pretty meaty too though the first two or three levels are ridiculously easy. The difficulty almost increases exponentially.
100% kills on the last level is virtually impossible.

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hr hrb hr2b av oneweek swblstcs op_801 seej punisher vrack2 tantrum2
some of the 10-sectors maps.. some of Erik Alm's other maps... all of Virgil's maps. =P
that's all I can think of off the top of my head.
/edit -- oh, I meant that these had a lot of monsters, not no storyline. :)

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Storylines: I tend not to notice them too much. Doom itself has little more than a token storyline, in as much as understanding the storyline has no impact on how successfully you can play the maps. (Or does everyone else, when playing map11, think: "Now I must find the switch that holds Earth's population captive"?)

When you say "ridiculous amounts of monsters", do you mean maps with poor gameplay (too difficult, too easy or too tedious) and absurd numbers of monsters, or maps with well-balanced, tough gameplay and lots of monsters? I'll restrict my suggestions to good wads in the latter category, and indicate which are truly extreme (i.e. bordering on excessively difficult).

HR (I described its difficulty in another thread)
HR2 (similar to HR, but without the normal maps near the start; also includes some toughened up "remixes" of HR maps)
AV (lots of monsters, but the difficulty is a notch lower than HR and HR2)
Seej (extreme)
Punisher (extreme)
Slayer (unrelentingly tough)
Equinox (I found map12 the toughest, but plenty of the maps are really difficult)
Murderous Intent (a struggle to survive throughout)
Death Tormention II (not totally jam packed with big monsters, but very tough gameplay nevertheless)
Enigma (lots of monsters in places, but a lot of puzzle-based gameplay too).
Fragport (if you play with fast monsters, which it was designed for)

You'll find these either with Doomsearch, or searching the forums for other threads where I have given links to them. BTW, some of these have a storyline, which is noticeable in the maps themselves - Equinox and Fragport spring to mind. It seems silly not to recommend a wad because "OMG it has a story of sorts!"

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<plug>Operation: Lightning also has tons of monsters with gameplay somewhere between challenging and extreme (especially with -fast), and a bit of a storyline, but not much.</plug>

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