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Need Help With Slade

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im just wondering how how to replace sprites im looking to replace the textures for the health bonus with a soda can

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  1. Open Slade
  2. Create a new WAD file
  3. Create S markers
  4. Put new health graphic between markers, matching the name of the original graphics in the IWAD (I think it's BON1A0, BON1B,  BON1C0 and BON1D0 for health vials.)
  5. ????
  6. Soda based profit

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1. Go to Slade, then open the wad which you wish to insert your soda sprites. Make sure you have set the Base Resource.

2. Create a new entry, then name it "S_START" (yes, just do it)

3. Put your soda sprite after the S_START entry. The original health bonus animation consists of four sprites, so you'll need new four sprites as well. (I think you technically could just use a single sprite, but i'm not going to address how to do it now)

4. Name the soda sprites the identical names of the Doom 2 health bonus sprites (BON1A0, BON1B0, BON1C0, BON1D0)

5. If you want your wad to be played on PrBoom+ or any other similar sourceport then convert your soda sprites to Doom format. (Click the sprites,  you could find the convertor button under Entry Contents section)

6. Create another new entry after your replacement sprites, and name it "S_END".

7. Save the file, done.

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