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Playtest this EAHPEHCK wad that I'm making.

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You see those screenshots? Cool wad right? Well guess what? It needs playtesters. I can't do it all myself.

As of now...

  • MAP01 is 25% finished.
  • MAP02 is 45% finished.
  • MAP32 is 25% finished.
  • Progress on the custom monsters hasn't even begun.

That's pretty much it. I'm planning on making it an 8-11 map wad. It's Boom-compatible, is mostly about industrial stuff and whatnot (cept the secret maps). I'll finish this thread tomorrow, with more info and everything. When I have provided enough info, you guys can message me if you want to playtest this. It's also recommended that you can either get through any TNT map without boredom, OR be able to 100% a Scythe II map from the third episode/second episode. I'll update this in the morning, with new info and whatnot.

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