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HELP! Lost Soul Replacement Corpse Issue

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Hi guys


I am making a doom mod using slade and wackEd and have come to an issue. I have replaced the lost soul with a similar flying enemy however i want it to leave a corpse.


My issue is that the corspe remains floating in the air rather than dropping to the ground like a cacodemon.  Is there a way around this or is it limitation to how the lost souls are coded and can't be tweaked?


Cheers guys

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Choose an arbitrary decoration thing.
I use "Tall green pillar (#83)" for instance.
Swap all the properties, states, sounds, and flags of "Lost Soul" and "Tall green pillar".
Then lost souls will drop when they die.


This method works only for lost souls which are placed in the map.
Pain elementals emit green pillars instead of lost souls.

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