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Space Cats Saga Chapter 1 -Complete- VER1.1 (updated August 2021)

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Chapter 2.0 is out! Go check it out! 

Chapter 2.0

Chapter 2.0 (ZDoom)

Please check Chapter 2.0 first! Chapter 1 comes now bundled with Chapter 2.0 in an upgraded Version!

If you want to check out the original Version then go on :)




UPDATE (2.8.2021) : The Freezegun replaces the chainsaw now and your normal claw attacks dont need energy anymore. New Music and Menus. Updated the Rocketlauncher and replaced the SSG with Luxs Little Kitten SSG.


this is the most updated Version of SCS Chapter 1. Complete. It comes with 10+2 new Maps. All of my maps got an massive update to it. The Mappack is now a much better experience. All of the original Doom Weapons got replaced with new ones. (Read at the botttom about the weapons and how they work)
I wont be working on this anymore. This will be the most updated Version!
For Doom 2 and GZDoom (may update GZDoom if it cant be launched)

Try it and leave a comment :)

-comes with its own Campaign "Spaceship". 10 regular Maps and two secret ones. The first Secret level gives you a New Game+ option to start the game with most weapons (Nazi Map Secret 1 [MAP43]). The second one (Encore! Slaughterfest! Secret 2 [MAP44]) starts directly after you beat the campaign on Ultra-Violence.
-complete new arsenal of weapons
-compatible with most megawads and addons.

-turn on freelook

-turn on bloom and fog for best visual effects

-use nashgore addon for more blood

Your HUD features a Energy Bar. Energy is a new self replenishing ammo type. You use your energy for various weapons and it replenish on its own but only as long as you dont fire a gun.











You play as Aemi/The Commander. Near Mars her Carrier stops and controls go crazy. A giant Spaceship appears next to Aemi and her carriers teleport controls log on to a strange signal from that ship. She decides to teleport on to that Ship to check it out as suddenly demonic creatures infest her carrier.



Weapons FAQ:


Slot 1-

Laser Claws - your fist weapon. you start with this. unleashes hot laser slashes with short range but high damage output. secondary is a stronger and fast traveling slash that can clear hallways off enemies. uses energy for each slash. (If you quick kick inbetween (Q) your next attack (LMB or RMB) is different) vary combos by doing this!

Freeze Gun - shoots streams of freezing projectiles. fast firing and only uses energy to fire. as secondary you quickdraw your handgun and shatter frozen enemies

Slot 2-
Aemi´s Self defence gun - your standart laser pistol. handy tool with unlimited ammo (uses energy). fires a strong single shot which kills low tier enemies fast. secondary transforms it into a fast firing smg. handy to clear rooms but has a short charge up time.

Slot 3-
Shotgun - standart shotgun with great accuracy and fast firing rate. secondary shoots an exploding ball of ice which can freeze groups of enemies. you can block path by freezing groups with this

Lux´s little kitten - its like a laser lever action shotgun. very devastating. uses 2 shells.

Slot 4-

UAC Lasercannon - experimental Lasercannon with mediocre firerate and great accuracy. secondary uses energy to fire it at fast rate and burn enemies.


Rocketcannon - high damaging rocketlauncher with slow firing rate. very devastating and large area of splash damage. as secondary you fire flame shot which spawns fire  on its way

Slot 6-

Plasma SMG - Plasmagun with high rate of fire. very strong but can eat through your cell ammo very fast. secondary shoots a laser beam which bounce around corners and through rooms. very usefull to clear suspicious corners. you can dual wield it if you find a second plasmagun

Slot 7-

Big Fusion Cannon - your BFG replacement. UAC´s Anti Aircraft Cannon. shoots high damaging plasma balls with splash damage. as secondary it shoots way faster with both barrels.


Experimental Demon Energy Cannon- shoots a fast travelling blast of high concentrated energy. vaporizes everything in its path. as secondary you change it to a fast firing minigun mode



Edited by DerTimmy

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5 minutes ago, TheMagicMushroomMan said:

So is this a mod for BD? I'm kind of confused.


No its standalone. You can use enemy randos with it. the brutal doom monsters is just an example as the vanilla enemies are kinda weak

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The Nazi Level is bugged, the enemies are invisible and when they do die they are the Zombies standing but sinking in the ground

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21 hours ago, Cyclone-Sama said:

The Nazi Level is bugged, the enemies are invisible and when they do die they are the Zombies standing but sinking in the ground

 works fine for me. you playing this with some mods? maybe update gzdoom?  (or go check chapter 2.0 which comes with chapter 1)

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