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ultimate doom to doom 2

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is there a converter available to convert ultimate doom levels to doom 2? just in case, because i might have to do that to get my wad working again, which would suck.. (see "oops .. big mistake")

while on the subject... when it comes to level design, which is the most preferred? ultimate doom, or doom 2? doom 2 seems to have a few more textures and all, but, I dunno.. something about ultimate doom that just makes me want to make levels for that instead... what do you think?

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There used to be one called WAD1TO2 that I used all the time. You could edit custom converters in text format as well, I'd use that to convert plenty of other things as well; if I wanted to totally retexture a level in a matter of minutes, or convert Heretic levels to Hexen levels, Heretic to Doom, etc. I don't know if it's downloadable from anywhere (check Doomworld's Files section [link on main page]) but if you can't find it, I can mail it to you. It's a pretty small program.

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