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Fragments - single map

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Finished my "2nd"* doom map. This time it's in UDMF. My first one was in vanilla format and was for a speedmapping challenge, but this one was me playing around with UDMF's really awesome features and getting to show them off to my dad.

Difficulty is Doom 2-ish. I didn't get around to custom difficulties, so it's Ultra-Violence only. Sorry.

Best played with GZDOOM's latest build. 

Freelook recommended; swimming in acid is probably a pain if you can't look up.

Jumping and crouching are allowed.. but why?




POST HAS BEEN UPDATED TO INCLUDE MUSIC; SORRY ABOUT THAT! Somehow managed to forget to add it.



*This is actually my 3rd one, but we don't talk about my actual first. Yuckyuckyuckyuckyuck


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