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Blind Alley E., "The Pit" Just released.

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Just when you thought it was safe.

Blind Alley E., "The Pit" Just released.

File name: bndalye.zip

Give it a try. It is in new stuff right now.

Fifth map in the Blind Alley series. This one is bigger, nicer, and harder than my previous maps. I consider this map hard in UV. Skill levels may come in very handy until you learn the map. UV in this map is aimed at the experienced player, but I can do it and I'm a grandpa.

You will never have for hunt for ammo in there. That is the least of your problems. There is enough health and ammo that you can push as hard as you want for time, or just lay back and snipe at the monsters. Nice to have the option isn't it?

Special thanks to Rich Sham for providing a great Legacy version
1.40 UV max demo of this map, included in the zip file. Give it a look, then warm up your trigger finger.

Feedback and/or demos always appreciated.

I recommend you watch the demo of the level before you play it. Unless you just love to die in the traps I have set for you.

Welcome to a world where UV really IS UV. This ain't your grandpa's Doom. You decide if you want to step up.

Now get busy, the carnage is waiting!

File name: bndalye.zip


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DEMOn - Imagine the nerve of those monsters trying to take over... It's up to you to make 'em pay.

Grazza - I know you can do this one. It was never tested in fast so up to you if you want to give it a go. It is a bit intense without fast however.


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