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DOOM2 - Slaugh them all (Single map)

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All Difficulties will be supported this week ;)

Hi, Let me introduce my map. You will be in normal room then?

You will know... Can you beat this level or kill them all on "Ultra Violence"?

nice christmas to everyone!


IWAD is Doom2

Creator: Pezl

No jumping & crouching


Works with gzdoom, lzdoom and more

You can use mods for better expirience

Soundtrack from Doom Ethernal - The Super Gore Nest


5-6 hours speedmapping, it was fun.

Gameplay will take about 20 minutes


Screenshots are in spoiler message 

Download is right here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hPyYFsrmDs553Kv5PTaG7GxLI-r_Xow-/view?usp=drivesdk       [I Dont really understand why this have 12.4mb


I'll try to upload it on /idgames







Edited by Pezl : Finally

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I'm not sure the level can be downloaded. I think so, but I can't open it on the phone

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It's set to restricted. If you right click the file and select share you can set it so anyone with the link can download it.

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1 hour ago, Biodegradable said:


Thanks a lot for your time and video on this map, hope you enjoyed it. That cyberdemons fight needs to be fixed :D

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The exit needs to be signposted a LOT more than it is. I did what Biodegradable did, which was hit the exit switch before killing the Cyberdemons without knowing that it was the exit switch. Whether you want to leave that as an option (for people to just run past the fight) or not is up to you, but it should be clear when you're about to end the level.

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@Degree23 yes, thanks for playing. Hip you enjoyed. I need to do somenthing with that last fight, but when you try to kill them you need ammo and when i tested this i was 2x on no ammo so i will add some & update last room. Give me about 8 hours i have 12PM :D tommorow will be released update.

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I played your map let me try my hand in a review




I took some pictures







Yeah this map was pretty easy I mean it was so easy that I made kraft dinner while playing and I spilled it all over my foot but that's OK cause I was wearing a thick sock. I got these sweetest socks for my birthday bro my feet are toasty as a MF. I really liked the craftsmanship of the trademark Pezi P on the ground, you should def copyright that bro. This map was legit probably your hardest yet because I didn't have enough ammo to get everyone, oh wait yes I did see this cool lazer beam it's pretty fun. I took that Archvile right and I went SLAM right in the mat, 1, 2,, 3 count / for reals on four wheels


Ok nvm let me just go back to posting videos instead: 



Merry Clipmas my friend!

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@Clippy thanks a lot for reviewing and recording i really appriciate this. I spent about 8 hours in one day :D. I wish you merry xmas too! I will add more ammo today


If you want to know where was those secrets look at spoiler


1. In the first room was supershotgun.


2. In the nuke (you found)


3. In the room where was mancubus so behind the backpack


4.  In big room with a lot of doors one door missing so you can open it. (In your vid 2:37)


Also, i will get a new gaming rgb keyboard so my maps will be easier in doom builder to create

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I thought this map was fun. Nice and simple oldschool style map. Could use a tad more ammo at parts. But a good map, for sure.

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26 minutes ago, KevvyLava said:

I thought this map was fun. Nice and simple oldschool style map. Could use a tad more ammo at parts. But a good map, for sure.

Thanks a lot, nice to see. Hope you enjoyed this map

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