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TRAKtion - An arcade-style map made using (almost) only DOORTRAK

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When a random, stupid idea for a Doom map turns into a random, stupid Doom map.




TRAKtion is a small, arcade-style map in which the objective is to make it to the exit as fast as possible. You hit a switch at the start of the level to start your run, and once you do, you'd better run as though the devil himself is chasing you down. The only two weapons at your disposal are your fist and infighting. A new enemy wave spawns every 45 seconds. Good luck - you're going to need it.


Initially, this was to be an attempt at making a map with only the DOORTRAK texture, but over time, it turned into an experiment with a gameplay style that I believe hasn't been done in a Doom wad before. (Do correct me if I'm wrong on that.) Some of the initial challenge was still partly kept, however, as the DOORTRAK texture constitutes about 99% of the map's visuals.


IWAD: doom2.wad
Port: GZDoom
Map #: MAP01
Mode(s): Single-player only
Difficulty settings: Not implemented
Tested with: GZDoom 4.5.0
Estimated play time: Undefined


NOTE: This map is intended to be played in a single sitting with no saves. Please refrain from saving/loading!


Music credits:

  • Main track: "Battle! Elite Four" from Pokemon Black/White
  • Victory track: "Victory Fanfare" from Final Fantasy VI



Personal website


Google Drive

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8 minutes ago, Biodegradable said:

I'd love to see some speedrunners attempt this madness.


So would I, not gonna lie. :D

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I liked this speedrun madness a lot, but it became rather easy somehow if the 1st wave is formed by lost souls or Imps,

that if you already know the layout and the spider mastermind doesnt catch you of course. Frantic and fun!


Edited by Soulless

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