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Question for midi composers

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I know next to nothing about proper MIDI editing, so bear with me.


I've got a long midi file with multiple change events. I'd like to find a way to either trim this midi file down to specific bars where the change events occur, or to be able to simply select specific bars and export them as their own individual midi files. Anvil Studio seems to have no such functionality. Is there any way I can accomplish this?


Edit: I've figured out a workaround, but it's pretty specific to my situation and not generalizable at all, so I'm not gonna bother explaining. If anyone still wants to contribute to the discussion though, that's fine.

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Check out https://openmidiproject.osdn.jp/Sekaiju_en.html. I've never used it for actual midi creation, but it's got at least a few tools that are useful to me that my usual editor doesn't have (in particular, the ability to select all note events in the file and change their velocity). No idea if it can do what you want it to, but it's worth looking at.

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Hmm.. In Sekaiju, you could simply cut out everything before and after the isolated segment you want, just make sure you leave any necessary control changes or whatever undeleted. Not the clearest explanation, I hope it makes sense.

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