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Invisible projectiles?


Hey, I got bored and i decided to work on a small xmas project to waste my time, and I'm trying to replace the ssg with an off brand nerf gun. I got the sprites and inheritance to work, all except for the darts, witch do damage, and act like they're there, but don't make a sound, or even appear, yet still do damage? My darts are alligned in the sprite part, in the center of the cross...Idk here's some pictures of what i have so far


If you need any more information about it feel free to ask, and im sorry if this is a real easy fix, i've been trying at this for almost a day and a half and i cant tell what the issue is

                                                            Merry Christmas-Some idiot on the internet

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I have basically no experience with DECORATE so take what I say with a grain of salt.


I would think you need to define the actor projectile and set the sprite and sounds there. I opened up a projectile based weapon on r667 and that does seem to be the case:



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