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Generic MAP INFO stuff

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I've spent a lot of time reading about MAPINFO at the zdoom wiki......and its good stuff! But: I really could use some examples in how it is generally used......?? Like "I used MAPINFO to do this or that or the other". I just know WAY DEEP DOWN I can use it to cause a 3-map mini WAD to 'stop' after MAP 3 (in Doom II mode)......and have gotten a few minor tips on how to do that.........but I just wish there was a bit of a tutorial out there.

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Ending a map at MAP03 simply requires you to specify that the "next" property in MAP03 points to an ending, such as EndGameC.

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OK (sorry for my poor understanding of proper syntax)........is that modified in the LUMP.....or some long ACS scripting trick??

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