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XBAND gets revived by Retro.Live

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More info can be read here. Currently only SNES is supported with only US Super Mario Kart and Japanese Super Street Fighter II playable under XBAND, and gameplay doesn't go too well, but the team promises more to come.


For those not in the know, XBAND was an online console gaming network in the 90's for both SNES and Sega Genesis (in addition to Sega Saturn in Japan, though it never got successful there), which let people play competitive matches against others for certain games using a modem. It debuted in 1994-95 and went offline in 1997. The SNES port of our beloved game is one of the supported games.

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This is a beautiful effort. I really appreciate the time and effort that's gone into this. It would be great to have a nice way to play Mario Kart online, hopefully a better solution than VoIP shows up - maybe support for both emulated and legitimate XBAND modems, so that people using an emulator don't need to rely on VoIP? Idk if that would even work, just tossing the idea around..


I think FightCade is probably a more effective solution for many of the games XBAND used to support, but I still hope to see more on this front soon!

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Hell yes. I’ve seen a couple clips on YouTube of SNES Doom deathmatch but of course was never able to play it online myself, and back when I had a SNES I didn’t even know XBAND existed at the time. I hope for the best for those behind this project and look forward to seeing more games supported in the future. 

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