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a tragic history

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johnatone wrote this during spanish i since he's flunking anyway, could give a shit less about that class, and had inspiration. feedback is apriciated.

-----the enslaved race-----

the 21st century brought as many advances and surprises for the human race as the 20th did. the first was a new cold war era that came with the public discovery of the metal gear, a walking tank capable of firing nuclear weapons at any target from anywhere. the second was interstellar travel; it was now possible to other planets in mere days and years instead of the centuries required by primitive technology. the third was the discovery of life on other planets.

the concepts and theories of life on other planets had existed for quite some time; however, this was the first time any of those theories had been proven. over a few dozen such planets existed, and programs were immediatly sent out to make contact with our space brethren. the shortest of these journies was to last one year, the longest ten.

the last planet to be contact was located in the pi system. it was named so because it had three planets and roughly 0.14 of another one which appeared to have been almost completely destroyed in an unknown catastrophic incident. the second planet from the sun, coded in the system registry as 0000041 (being the number in which order it was discovered), had existed approximatly two centuries earlier than earth. despite this head start, it's ecosystem was identical to our own, but it was not plagued with technology as ours is, and therefore was dubbed 'the pure new terra." the only difference was the size; it was nearly two and a half times the size of our jupiter.

despite having no humanoid species or any species with our intelligence level, it had its own vast array of species. the dominate species were the "hablitaie" (hab-lih-tae), or mancubus. mancubi were five feet, five inches tall, and chronically obese. a child mancubus was pale brown, an adult brown, and final stage (or old, around their five hundred fiftieth year of life) almost black. they had short, thick, round feet usually not seen due to their fat hanging over. their heads were connected to their body, as no neck could be found. they had two thick arms ending in large hands with three fingers and a thumb. despite their bulky and slow moving appearance, they were strong, muscular and powerful

the mancubus were strange indeed. despite not having evolved intelligence as us, they had a strong but not complex structure of living. each mancubi lived well over five hundred years, the oldest of the species having lived five hundred ninety-nine years. although their vocal capabilities was reduced to growls, grunts, and gargles, they telepathically communicated in a primitive but effective language. they were a peaceful species. despite being predominatly carnivorus, they displayed signs of herbivorus activity as well.

the governing systems was simple. each tribe consisted of an indefinate number of mancubi. the leader was the tribe's founding mancubus and his/her next of kin. if no next of kin could be produced, the oldest took over. this was simple, as each mancubi knew the exact moment they were born (this ability continues to puzzle scientists, and no theories have arizen). the men were hunters and gatherers and the women childbearers (and as a side note, it only took four months for a mancubus to concieve a litter of four to seven children, and a mancubus could concieve all her life). when a tribe migrated or expanded into the area of another tribe, the two tribes fused, and the tribe with the greater population resumed control over the great "new" tribe.

during the beginning of their 22nd century (our 1960's) a vessle appeared in the sky and landed in a field south of the planet's dominate tribe. the mancubi were awestruck with wonder but paid the newcomers no attention. they were peaceful and they weren't about to break that peace now.

that was a big mistake.

ten years after they arived, the newcomers completed a structure undetectable by our systems. the mancubi called it a "naesnuh ls" (neigh-sna less), or disapearance place. it was called so because the mancubi observed that anytime anyone went into the structure, they disapeared in a green flash. it was also observed that at anytime anyone could appear again through the same place.

two and a half years after completion of the structure, the newcomers started a war and captured all the peaceful mancubi alive. the mancubi were forced one by one to march into the structure and enter into a place we know as hell. there the mancubi were subjected to the horrible pains of hell's damnation. the women were shackled down and forced to concieve children nonstop, while the men continued to experience the pain.

hell was constructing an army out of the mancubi men. first, a backpack-like structure was wired into their spinal cords and then attached to their backs. their arms were ripped off at the elbow and replaced with twin cannons. tubes from the backpacks to the cannons finished off the production, and the mancubi became flame-thrower monstrosities.

when hell unleased a war on earth itself in the 21st century, the mancubi army was sent to slaughter and be slaughtered. they did not do it on free will; insubordination was punished with more torture. the soldiers and scientists on earth didn't know about the mancubi's history and did nothing. the mancubi have learned a permanent lesson on the dangers of being pacifist.

maybe, once they're kiled, they recieved redemption. it's their only hope.

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Hmmm interesting interpretation and fairly well-written. I would, however, assume that if the mancubi were an alien race captured by the demons, wouldn't they be possessed just like the former human troops? That would make more sense, because then they would be instilled with a bloodlust and "loyalty" to Hell that they wouldn't have if they were just forced.

Anyway, nice work.

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loyal?...did you ever notice that when you fight mancubuses...that the tend to turn around and blast the zombies and shit the second they are hit with a BB

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Crono said:

loyal?...did you ever notice that when you fight mancubuses...that the tend to turn around and blast the zombies and shit the second they are hit with a BB

nice job bumping a year old thread :)

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