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Nightmare Logic v1.4 (30/12/20)

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All my mods can be downloaded from their respective ZDoom forums threads, and soon in my personal blog.

Edited by GAA1992

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Nightmare Logic was updated! This mod is now compatible with Hexen, Heretic and Hacx, the shotgun has a new meneacing look, small tweaks in sounds and sprites to make the game look prettier, an auto-fire CVAR, and more QoL changes for your gameplays.


Full Changelog:


- Casings vanish in water
- New sounds for some pickups
- Some ammo items leave used sprites
- New grenade bouncing sounds
- New Automap image
- New shotgun sprites
- New CVAR for auto-firing
- As a consequence of auto-fire, some guns were slightly delayed.
- Weapons now stop the plasma humming slot when selected
- Weapons can switch during reload (except on reload finishes)
- Enhanced grenade animation
- Increased shotgun reload capacity by 1
- Small text tweaks
- New rifle pickup sprite
- New weapon pickup sound
- Added extra firing frames to hitscan guns
- Added compatibility with Heretic, Hexen and Hacx 2.0



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