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Nightmare Logic v1.4 (30/12/20)

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Another survival-type mod, my 11th mod over all.


Face the fate of a soldier who just wants to escape hell.


This time i challenged myself to do a mod with the smallest size possible, while keeping a somewhat decent arsenal. As usual, weapons are strong, don't share ammo and have optional recoil. You are slower to walk and reload. Medikits and armors have different values, ammo is somewhat frequent, but you can't carry too much. Altfire (or a dedicated key in the mod options) can throw grenades.


Sometimes its best to run away. Enjoy.


DOWNLOAD (812kb)







Casings code by The Railgunner
Explosions by DavidN*, TheSkyBug and Mor'ladim
Smoke effects by Agent_Ash
Reloading style by wildweasel
Some offset combinations from wildweasel and Sgt. Shivers


*Original code by Sgt. Mark, but DavidN rewrote the entiriety of BD's code,
so i prefer to credit him for the effort.


CVARs by LedIris
Fade ACS by YukesVonFaust
Level ACS by Douk Douk
Footsteps ZScript by Denis Belmondo



Most sounds are from Quake 3 and Quake IV, except that each weapon has a 
Dino Crisis 2 sound mixed with it. All casing sounds from Max Payne 2.


Crowbar sounds don't have DC2 sounds mixed.



Hands - Mega master hand sheet
Sleeves - Uboa
Casings - Joblez
Barrel - MARS 3D


Crowbar - Killing Time (Panasonic 3DO version)
Hands from Redneck Rampage, edited.


Pistol - DIMOSHunter, pickup by Carbine Dioxide


Shotgun - Neccronixis, pickup by me using Railgunner resources


Assault Rifle - DIMOSHunter w/ bits by FrancoTieppo, 
skull from Donkey Kong Country. Laser Sight by Zaero (needs checking)
pickup by me using Railgunner resources


Crossbow - Marty Kirra (Model Rip from Resident Evil 6)
pickup by me using Blood and Shadow Warrior (Beta) resources


Plasma Cannon - Neccronixis w/ bits by chronoteeth, DIMOSHunter and DBThanatos
pickup by me, edited and recolored from Neccronixis


Grenades - Pickups and projectile by Kinsie


Armors from Hacx
Medikits by Ac!d
Powerups from Duke Nukem 3D

Ammunitions from: 
- Shadow Warrior
- Duke Nukem 3D
- Star Wars: Dark Forces 
- Terminator: Future Shock, all edited by me.



Numbers from Quake II
Titlemap by wildweasel, edited by DoomGuy5th
GLDEFS by Vostyok and YukesVonFaust

Fonts by Jimmy (Quake 2 Message)



Edited by GAA1992

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Nightmare Logic was updated! This mod is now compatible with Hexen, Heretic and Hacx, the shotgun has a new meneacing look, small tweaks in sounds and sprites to make the game look prettier, an auto-fire CVAR, and more QoL changes for your gameplays.


Full Changelog:


- Casings vanish in water
- New sounds for some pickups
- Some ammo items leave used sprites
- New grenade bouncing sounds
- New Automap image
- New shotgun sprites
- New CVAR for auto-firing
- As a consequence of auto-fire, some guns were slightly delayed.
- Weapons now stop the plasma humming slot when selected
- Weapons can switch during reload (except on reload finishes)
- Enhanced grenade animation
- Increased shotgun reload capacity by 1
- Small text tweaks
- New rifle pickup sprite
- New weapon pickup sound
- Added extra firing frames to hitscan guns
- Added compatibility with Heretic, Hexen and Hacx 2.0



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