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Introducing... Wadazine Survival Sessions #1: Operation: Biowar

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One WAD,

One destiny,

Various doomers,

And one goal…

To survive!




Organized by Endless and sponsored by the Doom Master Wadazine; the WSS is a newly-made weekly multiplayer/co-op event where we gather our strength to face off against the forces of hell in a selected WAD that will test our skills and pain threshold. The ultimate goal is to finish and find our way out to victory.


But don’t get your horses to high! This weekly event is aimed to be a fun gathering session to anyone that wishes to play and explore some of these beautiful worlds of WADs alongside some unknown doomers or some well-known friends (also doomers)! All while blasting some demons in an unholy carnage of glorious fun. Instead of competition against players, this is teamwork along your pals, always looking to achieve victory through survival, teamwork and a share load of persistence. To the last drop of demonic blood!


So, what’s the gist?

- One new WAD to survive every Saturday.

- Using Zandronum.

- Ultra-Violence only.

- Each player has 4 lives.

- The sessions last until victory is achieved or everybody surrenders.

- An official scoreboard to keep track of the most concurrent players.

- Special article summarizing all the WSS of each month in the next Wadazine issue.


  • WSS #1: Operation: Biowar




After a period of small tests, we will finally make the first official WSS! Session one will see us taking on the classic Biowar. A vanilla megawad well remembered by fans of the old days, featuring intricate design maps and a variety of visual themes. A classic feast of pure nostalgia.


American session:

- 8:30 pm/20:30 CST / GMT-6

- We survive Operation: Biowar

- If you want your stats tracked, don't forget to send me a screenshot of your kill count at the end of the session.


Server info:

- Wadazine Survival Session #1: Biowar

- Password: biowadazineG65D9fr.png

- Player limit: 14 players

- Hosts @Endless & @Gaia74


Current Scoreboard


Our Wadazine Discord: https://discord.gg/Q2RKn4J

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WSS #1: Operation: Biowar, SURVIVED.

Scoreboard tally:


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