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My very first Wad(+ another wad i called "metal forces" because i suck with names)((Also I still seek advice...))

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Also can you please tell me what mod you were using in the video? It looks and sounds really awesome and I would love to have that myself. The sounds and the animations are so awesome but it keeps the enemies and weapon behavior vanilla so I would love to know

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Hi, sorry that I'm making a new post but I have finished the first level. Okay so, this is the big level I kept posting screenshots of and I finished it today. I didn't add any difficulties because I'm sure that even on the easier difficulties, it would still be fairly hard, since this Wad has 379 enemies already. Also, I spent a lot of time with playtesting and I made it a lot less easy than last time where there were way too many pickups and ammo everywhere. Also it has 4 secrets and a blue door as well as a yellow door and all of them and the teleports work. I placed a lot of the bloody decoration everywhere in the level, and it generally has a theme like it's a weird UAC basement or something since there are computer rooms, hellish rooms that were taken over by the demons and some rooms that look like wastewater systems I guess. I spent a lot of time on the visual aspect and I had to move a lot of textures in such a way that the original Doom Engine would crash, that's why you should use GZDoom, because I tested everything on that.


Also, please don't be confused about the name I gave the Wad, I just called it "Metal Forces" because that's a reference to a band I listen to. Just don't ask why, I'm really bad with names. Also it's intense and hard, so I think I might call it an actual force, also I felt like including the word Metal would be a good idea since there are so many enemies. You really gotta dodge non-hitscan projectiles while prioriting the hitscan guys first, which is a thing i liked to focus on, however there is some coverage everywhere, so I could play more enemies because the player gets more coverage that way.


But however I want to add more levels, but at least you can complete this level now which surely is great! However it isn't that big, but it still takes me around 10-15 minutes to finish the level each time I playtest it. It's really spicy compared to the last one. However, here's the file:(Also I'll include the file again in the opening post)


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This forum moves fast. Threads get lost under the huge amount of topics. 


But I feel like cutting you a break though so I recorded an FDA. Please excuse the background music cutting in and out, I'm not used to the recording software and don't record a lot.

I'll say the map looks very nice. Nice clean details everywhere. Gameplay is another issue. A lot of it is monsters straight in front of you with few surprises so it becomes a leisurely shooting gallery most the time. There were very few times when I felt truly threatened. This may be a side effect of the map layout which is just a winding line which only splits once at the bridge room. Speaking of which that's a stand out section with enemies attacking you from both sides. That's more engaging. I would first focus on making gameplay more like that in the future. Keep thinking of ways to surprise the player and force them to make decisions. After that think about your layouts. Aesthetics are already good and should improve more over time.


Also good job for finishing a level this size.

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Thanks, and yeah, I didn't really realize that, I was thinking about creating a completely new threat but I think that's prohibited, but maybe It would be okay when I have a lot more levels. And since no-one replied I got kind of mad. I'm sorry for that though, I shouldn't have reacted like that, I realize that now... It just felt like no one's really interested at all and that's very demotivating at times.


I'm happy you like the aesthetics, that's one aspect I spent a lot of time on, I mostly kept the first level a giant shooting gallery at first because I wanted it to be like an introduction or something like that, plus I just like combat-heavy sections, I like it when I can take out a giant group of enemies with very strong weapons and that's part of the reason I made this map. I just really dig slaughtering, especially with something like a gore mod, so I just kept playtesting it over and over again and I placed enemies around all the time until it felt perfect to me.


By the way, it's no issue for me that the background music didn't work, I didn't add any custom music in but if I were to, I would probably make a MIDI version of the song "Prepare for Attack" by Havok, I'm not sure if you know about them, they're a rock band I like.


Oh, by the way, there's a second map in the latest version of the WAD right now, it features more revenants making you move a lot more, which forces you to dodge things more often and it's also harder(at least from my view of things, because honestly I'm not nearly as good at Doom as you are), if you're interested I put the WAD file in this post but I'm not forcing you to play it or something.

Neuer ZIP-komprimierter Ordner.zip

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