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Play as the Zombiemen

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Well, more like general humans, since I put the SS in there too. Either way, new player classes include: The Zombieman starts with a chainsaw and has extreme agility. The Shotgunner wields a nerfed shotgun [just like the original]. The wolfenstein ss comes with a pleasantly fast machine gun and a knife, and the chaingunner has no melee weapon and is extremely sluggish.

Not only does it support playing the base game, but I've gone and added a new game mode: Monster Survival! It's like survival, but the objective is to kill the Doomguy before he kills you! Right now I've added 5 maps to play it on, but feel free to add your own. [I imported doom 1 music and have made decorate definitions for doomguys you can place in your maps.]



Zombieman Rifle.


Fighting Doomguy.

Screenshot_Doom_20201226_214705.png.c2bacb19cc73101a6760a671db2d84a3.pngBecause why not.


Player types. [these are zandronium bots and im the shotgunner]


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