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Roams TC (Alpha)

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The Roams TC is a total conversion for Doom.

I have been playing SS13, namely the /tg/station branch, heavily for a while.

I thought it would be a novel idea to merge it and one of my other favorite games, the Doom engine, together.

It currently only has the first episode, i eventually intend for there to be 3 episodes of 5 maps each, totaling 15 maps.



You're Roams-The-Forest, a lizard girl from parts of the galaxy unknown.

That bastard Hates-The-Lizard has kidnapped your girlfriend.

He also lied to Nanotrasen officials, and told them you were sitting on kilos of illegal drugs.

As a result, they've sent their full military force after you.

Can you get your girlfriend back, and pop the pimples on Hates' face with your Uzi?



This is a five map, one episode demo.


This was developed for and tested with GZDoom, it might work in LZDoom and Zandronum as well, but i haven't tested it with those ports.


This is meant to be played in the hardware renderer, with jumping and crouching enabled.

There are certainly bugs and fuckups, so if you find any, let me know.





















I could post some screenshots, but i think i'll leave it as a surprise for when you play it.








Machine Gun Guy: Realm667, sprites modified by me.

Fighter Jet: Realm667, sprites modified by me.

Security Drone: Realm667.

Nanotrasen Sergeant: Sprites by Cardboard Marty.

Durand Mech: Sprites from Mars 3D, modified by me.

Nailborg: Realm667.

Erwin Bransfield: Project Einherjar.




Knife: Captain J, sprites modified by me.

Kick: Unknown, possibly by Cardboard Marty, sprites modified by me.

Uzi: Sprites from Mars 3D, modified by me.

Shotgun: Robocop Doom, original source unknown.

Assault Rifle: Cardboard Marty, originally from Action Doom, sprites modified by me.

Chaingun: Pickup sprites by Captain J, Weapon sprites by zzrion.

Missile Launcher: Sprites from Mars 3D, modified by me.

W.A.D: Captain J, modified by me.

Circular Saw: Sprites from Freedoom.




Aliens vs. Predator 2, Dark Arena, Mars 3D, Take No Prisoners.

A cola machine texture i modified from CyClones.

Crate textures by kwc.


What else?:


Sky, menu background: Mek's Box O' Skies.

Music: Me.

Soldier sounds: Project Einherjar.

Health pickups: Sprites from Duke Nukem 3D.

Armor pickups: Project Einherjar.

Lights, Chair, Toilet: Realm 667.

Roams' cries of pain: Project Einherjar.

Roams' status bar faces: Me.

PDA, Night Vision Goggles, Cola, some sounds: /tg/station.

Status Bar: Dinomensch, original source unknown.

Menu arrow: The People's Doom, modified by me.





All-In-One Package (Contains GZDoom and Freedoom, recommended for people inexperienced with Doom source ports):
https://amel.pw/trevie/Roams TC All-In-One V9.zip

https://amel.pw/trevie/Roams TC Alpha V9.pk3

Edited by sergeirocks100

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I went ahead and added the credits to the main post.


You might notice credits for some things that aren't in the current demo, and that's because they will be in the update that will be added to the post soon.


Here's a screenshot of R1M2:





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The demo is updated, here's the changes:


- New musical tracks.


- R1M1 has had some slight retexturing.


- A second map, R1M2, has been added.


- A new enemy, the Durand Mech.


- The troopers now sound more like mercenary men getting paid to take out a alleged drug smuggler rather than corpses possessed by the spirits of the damned.


- Anything else i may have forgotten to mention.


I will update the post with new screenshots later.

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I expect that many of the people who might want to play this are members of the /tg/station community who might not be familiar with how to use Doom source ports, so i put together a all-in-one package with GZDoom and Freedoom included.

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First off, sorry for not keeping you more up-to-date with development over the past month.


A new version has been released.


The third map has been added, and the unfinished fourth map is in there too.


There may be other additions too, but i have forgotten what.


The main post will be updated with screenshots later.


Here's the link:


https://amel.pw/trevie/Roams TC Alpha V7.pk3

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A new version has been released.


The fourth map has been finished, and the final map of the first episode has been added.


Screenshots will be coming soon.


The links are in the main post.

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A new version has been released.

It features some level improvements, as well as a whole new soundtrack made by myself.


There's also a secret level, see if you can find it!

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