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Who Can Test Your Maps? List of Active Playtesters

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Very nice and usefull for mappers. Now I know who to contact depending on what type of project I want tested.

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Hi, Austinado! I want to be part of this list too, because I am now streaming almost everyday, and I want to put one video/week just with playtesting.

My twitch channel: twitch.tv/elderdragonbrasil

Also, I am streaming my mapping one day per week too, and all my Doom videos are in english.

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I'd like to throw my hat into the ring. I can play test both single and multiplayer.

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Guys, like is written on main topic, Please dont comment in this thread...for any requests for playtesting or something else related to this thread go ==== »» HERE ««====.


@DOEL I have sent you an pm.

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Active/Partial Playtester: Active

Preferred difficulty: HMP or UV

Number of maps in a set (Max/Min): 1 to 5, but I do like Megawads

Genres don't like: Slaughter maps, joke maps

Preferred souce ports: GZDoom or PrBoom+

Refused source ports: Zandronum, Dosbox, Doomday, 3dge

Demos or written comments: Comments mainly, but whatever works easiest.

Contact (Personal forum thread/ Private message): Feel free to contact me here on DoomWorld, ModDB at Kalensar, or ZDoom Forum under same name

Notes: I accept mappacks, TCs, sprite-only mods and gameplay mods. I only do low to mid computer power types. High End power is rejected.

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