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Quake 3 RTX port

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I have a lot of RTX projects in the works, so I created a new website for these projects: quakertx.com. A few people have been asking me to get my Quake 3 RTX port to a point were its usable for being a daily driver. It's almost ready for my to make a build for people to try out. The problem with the Quake 3 data is the legacy lighting rigs in the maps are weird, so while most maps look pretty good, there are a few that aren't correct at all(like q3dm1). 


Everything is rendered with DirectX Raytracing, and everything is rendered in real time.




The lava plane is a area light emitting light.



Environment mapped surfaces are now rendered with real time reflections.



Environment mapped surfaces are now rendered with real time reflections.



Forum Page:






Known issues:

Some levels have incorrect lighting due to weird legacy lighting rigs.

Projectiles don't render correctly(should be fixed this week).



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It's looking geourgeus, it's also works with Custom Maps?. Also, there was a level that was full metal textures, how works in that?

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