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† The Broken Sun Messenger †

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So, after four months of hiatus due to the problems I had my PC and lack of inspiration to do actual art on the laptop I got borrowed, now that I got my PC and the year is coming to an end finally, I wanted to do one last artwork - One that, while many mistakes at first view (P R O P O R T I O N S), I did out of my soul, not just for me, but for anyone that appreciates others' artworks, so here you go, I hope that you can enjoy this Old Testament-like Angel I drew, and next time I post something, it may be a demon from my point of view, way too far from the ones in DooM but something closer to what actual hell would be like - What lies on the deepest Circles of Hell!


And, I wish all of you an advanced Happy New Year 2021, this year was really bad but I hope that among all bad things, all of you had good moments with your families, friends and either videogames, animes or whatever that you like, be it writing, drawing, composing, modelling, mapping.. I really hope you had fun on ALL of those things.


While many not know me, and I also do not know all of you, those words come straight from my heart with complete sincerity, let us face together all obstacles in our path, towards a better future and beyond the stars!


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