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[old ZetaBot thread, deprecated]

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Whether they side you in coop or square you in deathmatch, you gotta be honest... they're pretty zeta!


The ZetaBot is a modern GZDoom bot, simple to path for and simple to play with! Whether they are friends or foes, they are also both echoes and tributes. Born to a world of chaos, they were forced to evolve and adapt since their inception. You don't want to learn how adapted they are the hard way, it would take buzzing in front of one to find out!


Download now on GitHub. Here's why:


  • ZetaBot will be capable of using any weapon they find, because they use a special model where a ZetaBot class controls a 'doll actor' (made to look and sound like a player), which can pick up any weapons, which are used. The kinds of dolls that can be "possessed" and weapons that can be used are known thanks to special modules - ZetaModules.

  • ZetaBots works in games of both cooperative play and deathmatch In the former, they're good at mopping the floor with monster brains, less so at navigating around obstacles, but still quite better than the default ZCajun. In the latter, they make for formidable opponents, easy to overlook but tough to overcome! You will have some new lead piercings after you encounter one. Hey, at least they're for free!

  • A functional, dynamic pathing system that the bots can actually use. Nodes are plopped manually, and can be stored both in a node list CVar or in node lumps. The CVar stores a serialization format that allows multiple levels into one. By default, dumping the nodes of a level will result in them being appended to this CVar, or overwriting a previous version of the section for the same map. It is also possible to copy the value of a nodelist to a ZBNODES lump even in a separately loaded WAD, a catch-all that can contain nodes for many maps, or if you're a mapper, you can include nodes for your newest creation as a ZBMNODES lump right after your map's lumps. Pathfinding is real-time and dynamic -- if a lowering floor makes a new area accessible, the ZetaBot will know!

  • It is possible to place nodes ingame, testing with bots as you go, and even save. A set of default keybinds that uses primarily the numpad is included, but can be changed in the Controls menu. Tip: set zb_autonodes and zb_autonoderespawn to false as you do, lest some guinea pig test subjects ruin the whole thing for you! The navigation system was heavily inspired by Unreal Tournament - so if you have used the Unreal Editor and know how to plop down PathNodes in Unreal, you might already know how to plop down ZetaBot path nodes well here!


  • Multiple bot voices, both male, female, and even robotic. With taunt lines, hurt ouchies and angry screw-yous, and of course the occasional silly idle chatter to top it all off, to give some personality to Alicia, your favourite war veteran boomer. Don't worry, it can be toggled off using CVars!


  • Simulates an actual player as closely as possible, with a very similar movement set and default weapon module behaviour for your favourite games. Some obvious engine limitations (like not being present in the scoreboard) are ultimately inevitable... but might actually be worked around in the future, as the GZDoom source port is continuously developed and exposing more and more of its own guts to ZScript. Hayo! (Ew, guts, though.)


They can even wear capes if you set the right CVar! Apart from that, there's not really much of a point to show screenshots. Just... grab some actual deathmatch screenshots, or something. Yeah, are those really your friends? Could they have been bots all along? ...well, probably not ZetaBots, then, they aren't that good at hiding between human beings yet, but still!


What I can show, however, is some beautiful bot pathing porn.




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