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He Came From Beyond

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On 9/29/2021 at 12:24 PM, QuaketallicA said:

I just discovered this project through the Cacoward Mentionation Page, boy have I been missing out.



Thanks! That's the plan actually, to make it a standalone thing and put it on Steam, like Shrine.

I don't post often but the project is doing well and moving forward nicely. :) I didn't expect it would be so much work, so it's taking time, but there are things in the game that I'm proud of.

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I also encourage you!


I suggest you put out a demo on Steam like Supplice did. To get some feedback.

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Thank you guys, I will be putting out a demo hopefully this month, or somewhere in the early 2022.

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24 minutes ago, EasterNibs88 said:

Great, sounds awesome. How long you been working on this? 

About... 1,5 years.

I just realized that.

That's a lot of time. And there's still a lot of work before me to finish the full game. :)

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