Download link, 3.33 MB: Depopulation.wad?dl=0
Working on making the map brighter, in the meanwhile bump up your gamma a little bit.       I began working on this map back in May 2019, and took a long break from DOOM map making, before returning to it halfway though November 2020. Worked hard over a weekend and a few other days to finish it (a majority was still undone), and touched it up after some feedback at the end of November/beginning of December.   It's the third map I publish here on Doomworld, but in some way it's a first for me. The first map with the more restraining Boom compatibility, the first map actually balanced for multiple difficulties, and the first map where I have actually replaced the music.   Stellar Depopulation is...
IWAD: Doom 2
Compatibility: Boom
Tested in: GLBoom+ and GZDoom (recommended GLBoom+, if some areas are too dark in GZDoom switch render option)
Not designed for freelook, jumping or crouching
Balanced for multiple difficulties, though the intended one is UV.
A single level, in MAP01.
Using replaced music: A Dying Wish by Anathema (IMDI) Additional textures: Nick Baker's 5th episode pack to spice things up   About the map:
When I first played Plutonia many, many years ago I stumbled upon gameplay sections and ambushes that killed me, making me think "That's bullshit!"—I wasn't very good back then. Stellar Depopulation isn't inspired by Plutonia. It's inspired by my memory of those feelings. Slightly challenging and punishing, but I'm still not a great Doom player, so it might not be for you. Stellar Depopulation is a dark and (to me) moody attempt of using more old-school design, which is also why I replaced the music with a fitting 90s metal track MIDI. Not exactly a secret that Doom 1 & 2's soundtracks are inspired by metal.

Despite the map being somewhat challenging—far more so than my previous two maps, there are helpful secrets that the attentive Doomer can find that makes the tougher sections easier.

I hope you enjoy the map! Please provide feedback whether you hated it, enjoyed it or merely found it middling. I appreciate it.   Check screenshots in the spoiler below below, this is the intended brightness you should have.   Trivia:   Changelog:
2/1/2021 — updated lighting, moved a couple of ammo pickups, added two enemies.