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Wadmodder Shalton

Adobe Flash ends support today. Better use the FlashPoint preservation project.

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Today Mark's an end of an era, the end of Adobe Flash on the internet. Adobe Flash released in 1996, being criticized for security exploits & vulnerabilities, and even criticized by Steve Jobs & Apple, thanks to them not including Flash in their iOS platform has ended development.


But on the bright side of things, the FlashPoint project has preserved over 80,000 Flash games, animations & projects for a few months now. Other solutions include Ruffle.rs, but these don't have complete ActionScript as of now.


As for Mainland China, the country of China has a large number of internet services & products that haven't made the transition from the aging Flash , HTML4 & HTTP technologies to HTML5 & HTTPS, likely due to portions of China's internet censorship software and hardware being incompatible with HTML5 & HTTPS, as well as being incompatible with later versions of HTML5-based web browsers (such as Microsoft Edge & Google Chrome.


The only exception for Adobe Flash reaching end-of-life is the Chinese Government, because they aren't willing to spend the time, money and/or resources necessary to transition from the aging HTML4, HTTP & Flash technologies to HTML5 & HTTPS, and so Adobe Flash Player will remain supported only in China, but how much longer the Mainland Chinese version of Adobe Flash Player will be supported is up to debate for Adobe.


Overall, a sad end to an era of the older HTML4-era internet, and the last proprietary web application right now is Microsoft's ill-fated Silverlight plugin. Once Silverlight reaches end-of-life, that would be the end of the HTML4-era of video streaming & browser games as far as we know. Overall, not all opinions of the death of Adobe Flash are controversial, mainly because of the many security exploits that kept being discovered.


What do you think about this recent event? Any Thought & Comments are welcome here.

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With a great twist of Irony I found and enjoyed many flash games in 2019. By the beginning of 2020 I could no longer play them in Google chrome at my local library. Unity Web Player games also became discontinued at that time too. It is sad to see the end of this era, for it wasn't just a game or video technology it was an art form. I hope that Pico-8 doesn't suffer the same fate and I hope that will be around for many years to come. I will certainly try out FlashPoint in the future.


To see my favorite flash games and share your own, please post in this thread.


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