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Wadmodder Shalton

Cloak.wad - Team Fortress 2's CP_Cloak recreated in DOOM II as a Deathmatch map

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We all know about the crappy Team Fortress 2 map CP_Cloak, that was included in the 2013 SteamPipe update to the game. Here it is now recreated even crappier in DOOM II as a Deathmatch map.


Here's the only screenshot I can share with you:


Please note, that the original CP_Cloak from Team Fortress 2 was already a crappy map to begin with, so this recreation of CP_Cloak as a Deathmatch map for DOOM II is supposed to be badly balanced & crappy.


Here's a download link to this Deathmatch map: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qUBYaoYEzh2gR4_27uAT7KQCjLRzS87N/view?usp=sharing


What do you think about this average recreation of this weird Team Fortress 2 map in DOOM II? Any Thought & Comments are welcome here.

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