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Clandestine Castle Crashing [ January Speedmapping Event]

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Thank you @Clippy and @BluePineapple72 for playthroughs. The map is intentionally designed to be oppressive on a first playthrough and it feels pretty underwhelming to finish the level with so much left unfound - the idea being that it makes you want to replay it to 100%!


I have made changes to the cyberdemon fight - there is now damaging floor and the throne will melt away if you try to run behind it. There is now an ssg in that room on easy/medium.


MAP05 of DOOM2 and MAP01 of AV should probably be required reading before playing this map...

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4 hours ago, Captain Toenail said:

@Clippy Thanks for playing, Enjoyed your video. You were so very close to some of those secrets ;-)


I like lookin for stuff - good times


I'll try to play all castle maps ... eventually 

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Since my schedule is clearing up, and since I'm feeling generous, I'm extending the deadline to the 25th.

This also totally has nothing to do with the fact that I haven't finished my map yet. Nope. No way.

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-Fixed some texture issues,

-more balancing

-fixed an issue with getting a secret.


-Map Name: Keep of Eternal Torment

Get it Here => https://drive.google.com/file/d/11EpWOZ9b4Gai5qY4As7pnVNXEunG7NKp/view?usp=sharing

-Author: Steve88
-Music: Midi Cover of "Would" by Alice in chains
-Sky: Ksky29 - From Kuro's Skies
- Format:Doom 2 UDMF
- Difficulty Settings: implemented not well tested
- Build Time 8 hours build 1 hour testing/balancing (so technically over 8 but w/e)
- Comments: phew.....
- Screenshots:





Edited by Steve88

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Maps will probably be due tonight. I'm still chipping away at mine and will hopefully have it out sometime before this evening. I'm not prideful enough to deny that I'm willing to delay to fit in my own map lol.

As for the wad itself, not including my unfinished map, we are sitting at 15 maps total, officially reaching the minimum for megaWAD classification. Work is also being done on my end to finish some graphics for the menu/intermission etc. Those will be finished sometime by the end of this week. If not, the wad (without all the fancy smancy graphics) will be out Thursday.

Here's a sneakpeak at the main menu. The logo is a WIP. The titlepic was made by @Steve88





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Map Name: Intruder in the Court of Apocalypse

Author: Pierrot

Music: "Trilemma" by Jimmy

Sky: sky1 from Speed of Doom

Format: Doom 2

Difficulty Settings: yes

Comments: symmetrical courtyard, quite intense from start to finish.










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I’ve run into some life things and won’t be able to release the final final wad until this weekend. Pre releases will (and are) be on my server. 

Likewise, I’m opening the deadline till Friday at 11:59 PM EST. No further extensions past that point. 

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Map Name: A warm welcome to the Vile's kingdom

Author: Danlex

Music: "Last Wish" by Petter Martensen

Sky: DIMSKY4 from Mechadon's Box 'o skies

Format: UDMF

Difficulty Settings: Yes (it only changes the number of archviles in the final fight)

Build Time: 7.5 hours

Comments: I like archviles




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Ran out of time to test and balance properly, so here it is in its current state:


Map name: Escape from Chateau de la Mort

Author: ViolentBeetle

Music: Iron Lick by Eris Falling
Sky: NEBUSKY4 from Mek's box of skies
Format: Boom

Difficulty settings: Yes




Le Roucher.zip

Edited by ViolentBeetle : Fixed an erroneous flat you can see to your right.

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I’ve finished and submitted my map. To save drive space, I’m keeping it on my discord for now. It’ll be in the compiled wad. 

Submissions close tonight!

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804504467088998412.png?v=1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 804504467088998412.png?v=1HUZZAH! A NEW MEGAWAD HATH ARRIVED! 804504467088998412.png?v=1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~804504467088998412.png?v=1




Forsooth! For ye knights of Speed of ye Pineapple Under the Sea hath created yet another bountiful megaWAD secreted with many hidden items for thoust've to explore and gather as ye Crash thee Castles Clandestine!


WAD FileClandestine Castle Crashing - Version 1

Port: GZDoom

       - Jumping/Crouching enabled on select maps

       - Freelook Optional

       - Pistol Start enforced.

IWAD: DOOM2 - Map01-22

Resources: Compiled in wad file. Credits attached.

Comments: MegaWAD created as the fifth edition of the PUSS series. Maps are ordered in chronology of submission. Rules/gimmicks mappers followed are in the original post (SEE BELOW).

Included with ye WAD is a beautiful reflection of thouself created by @Death Bear! Thou self hath a manly moustache as well as thee's greatest set of chainmail!


Change Log: N/A

Known Issues: 

- The HUD numbers are slightly misaligned; I need to created separate and adjusted number images to fit in the new status bar. This will come with Version 2.

- The credits file is incomplete. I got lazy.


MAP01 - "Castledoomia" - LateNightPerson


MAP02 - "Castle Klattakus MK III" - DynamiteKaitorn a.k.a Heich    


MAP03 - "Unhealthy Cathedral" - NotTyrone



Map04 - "Dour" - Cheesewheel                    



Map05 - "Priscilla Invasion" - Telemassacre



Map06 - "Tolquhon Castle" - Captain Toenail


Map07 - "Tower Rangers" - Muumi    



Map08 - "From Grave to Brave" - Man With a Gun    



Map09 - "Constancy" - Austinado    



Map10 - "Violence Inherent" - Death Bear



Map11 - "Hollow Ascent" - Glikkzy



Map12 - "Castlemania" - Mike_C



Map13 - "Chaingun Cauldron" - Rivi the Warlock    



Map14 - "Intruder in the Court of Apocalypse" - Pierrot



Map15 - "Keep of Eternal Torment" - Steve88



Map16 - "Castillo del Sangre" - DoomCat, Son of Death Bear




Map17 - "A warm welcome to the Vile's kingdom" - Danlex        



Map18 - "Escape from Chateau de la Mort" - ViolentBeetle



Map19 - "Furtive Fortress" - WeirdSandwich    



Map20 - "Feast Upon Thine Feces and Perish" - BluePineapple72


Map21 - "The Squeeze" - Dach      



Map22 - "Stone" - @exoprogamer






I am eternally grateful for everyone who participates in these events, and especially the 21 mappers who contributed to this month to make PUSS V the greatest PUSS yet! HUZZAH!!


Next month, thou will see-eth things quite like none other!


Forsooth! When thou returneth for February, and thou mourn at the last, thy flesh and thy body will be consumed with an...



Until next time... farewell friends!


Edited by BluePineapple72

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16 minutes ago, Samuel Slayer said:

Can I just ask how you make those amazing logos? I have no idea where to get resources to make something like that.

For the announcement post, I used https://c.eev.ee/doom-text-generator/ for the map names. For the CCC logo, I generated a font online and then shaded it in gimp pixel by pixel and added the gold trimming. 

Imperfect Hatred was made by @4MaTC

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@BluePineapple72 I got to your map, good job for the time constraints but I think that caused some issues as shown in my vid. PS that custom status bar is almost impossible to read and I couldn't keep track of what I was working with, besides that love the custom titlepic and between map graphics



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