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Problems with a sky pack.

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The textures SKY1-3 in the wad consist of these four patches (and their name doesn't matter actually)

Just copy the skies1-3 (or at least one of them) from this wad's TEXTURE1 lump to yours and Slade will add QUAKE1-4 to your wad and patch table in it and you will have working skies1-3

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3 hours ago, AtticTelephone said:

Uh, wow. Never knew that. Always thought that skies had to be one single RSKY1. Weird and also cool.

Not every sky has to be divided into multiple patches, it can only happen after turning four patches into a horizontal Skybox texture.
Here's a example, Doom 2's RSKY1 is just a single patch, but the sky pack uses more patches.

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