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ZDaemon 1.10.15 Released - Happy New Year!

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ZDaemon 1.10.15 is now available (and will be automatically installed for you by the ZLauncher).

You will find several nice fixes, additions and improvements; just check the changelog.


The Linux and BSD zserv binaries are now available via the Downloads page.


Some highlights:


- Transmission tweaks for online mode.


- New ACS functions 'ZD_SetMarineSkin', 'ZD_GetSkinName' and 'ZD_GetSkinTopIndex'.


- A couple of internal adjustments have been made to allow for more detailed "soft" sprite/skin warnings rather than the original fatal error.


- Quality of Life improvements in the menu, the Home and End keys can now be used.


- Preview of player/skins in 'Player Setup' and 'Team/Enemy Color' can be rotated now and firing animation is shown.


- and other various fixes and improvements


Happy New Year!

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@AF-Domains.net and @Flambeau many thanks for this release and with some new ACS functions to boot!


For @EndlessWadazine i'd love to highlight ZDaemon in a big way somewhere this year, and whilst i can find what i want, it isn't as straightforward as i expected. So, if i may suggest something:

  • Over time last year i had a talk with Aeyesi, who has crafted various ZDaemon works. All of these showed some rather impressive stuff capable from the engine. What i feel i am missing is a general list of top tier ZDaemon works (ZDaemon City/Valiant: ZDaemon Edition, that WW2 mod) that highlight the usage of new ACS functions/DEHSUPP well. In the extension of this, i am also missing some kind of top tier list of must have ZDaemon works, much like how ZDaemon has.
  • I know new ACS functions are mentioned through the changelogs with a brief description, but what i am missing is some kind of centralized hub where all these new ACS functions are explained.

To the outside Doomer, ZDaemon is just a multiplayer port that is closed source and has some new functions. I know i can't speak for everyone here, but that's the general gist i am getting. But ZDaemon is far more than just that. It has some seriously impressive works that i feel are getting sidelined because there isn'' a central place where these are highlighted, and where all the new ACS stuff (and DEHSUPP stuff!) explained, or something like EXTRADEH.

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