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Requiem map23 alleged exploit or oddity. Is Doomwiki wrong?

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The following sentence in doomwiki seems to be wrong, but who knows?



Open the door leading into the building where the red key is, and head into the west of the building to find a switch, which must be pressed before the door closes again. (sector 240) If this switch is flipped before the final boss battle begins, the floor on which the final boss sits will be unable to lower, making any rockets fired at it guaranteed to connect. Moreover, if you hit monsters in the corridor just behind the Icon of Sin, you can make damages to the Icon.


I tried shooting a rev and a baron in the candles corridor, luring them to the best possible spot and using rocket launcher, with and without the switch flipped, and there was no damage dealt. This sentence appeared in September 2011 and was written by PolicyNonsense. If true, it would allow a quicker completion of the level, but I really doubt it's correct...


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I looked into it and it looks like the Icon can be damaged through linedef 1662. Doesn't seem to be related to the switch though, and I doubt that knowledge can be used reliably in a non-TAS speedrun due to having to lure a flying enemy near that linedef and using autoaim quirks/splash damage to kill the Icon, unfortunately. Still, might be worth to experiment a bit.

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10 hours ago, Andromeda said:

 flying enemy

Ah, this is what escaped me. Very clever. Thanks!


... But...


0 cacodemons on the map, so just PEs. It's not going to save time, but yeah, I may try it just for fun.

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