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Doom Pictures Thread 2021

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20 hours ago, Fuzzball said:

Really got left behind didn't I? :/


No more of this.


I love your maps irrespective of what other people happen to be doing these days.

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Posted (edited)

Resurrecting my first DOOM Project now with more knowledge of map making.



(Made in BOOM btw)

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when you think yr drawing a consistent walk cycle and then you assemble it >>>

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49 minutes ago, wolfmcbeard said:

Everyone else : Makes neat maps, showing of cool stuff.
Me : "So I made a drill."


Did you make that using sectors or is that .obj imported into GZDoom? Also that image for some reason reminds me of those late 90s early CGI renders that used to be on everyone's personal sites.

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13 minutes ago, Denim Destroyer said:

Did you make that using sectors or is that .obj imported into GZDoom?

Sectors indeed, not much reason to use a model for something small that won't be seen, if even noticed by many more than a few times.

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Time for some MAP08 goodness!

Shihmahlrai Island! (well... the Shihmahlrai Isles rather >_>)





Das a lotta doors! :o


Hold on a ticket... weren't we just down there earlier?


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