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DoomLegacy 1.48.8 Release

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DoomLegacy 1.48.8 has been released, available on SourceForge.





  • Sky generation.

Sky generation has gotten a Vanilla setting. Sky drawing (software draw) now puts a solid texture above and below
the sky, and no longer tiles the sky.

The OpenGL sky draw has separate sky draw behavior.

  •  Mouse2

The mouse2 serial support has been expanded to handle PC mice, MouseSystems mice, and PS/2 mice, for SDL and Win32 ports.  The PC and MS mice have been tested.
If anyone has found a way to route a PS/2 mouse, possibly on USB, to a serial port input, please let us know.


BUG FIXES 1.48.8

  •  A savegame buffer overflow was fixed.

An overflow prevention test had been misplaced, such that it could be avoided in some conditions.
Fixes BUG 0667.


  •  Cleaned out some of the accumulated cruft in sky drawing.

Fixed sky tiling, and then made changes to prevent sky tiling.

  •  Changed the software mode sky drawing to TM_picture format.

This eliminates the line artifacts that were drawn above and below the
sky, and restores the vertical alignment.

  •  Software sky drawing limited.

Limited the software sky drawing to the texture, so to not tile the sky draw.

Created a skytop_flat for above the sky, and a ground_flat for below the
sky.  These are drawn when the viewed sky exceeds the bounds of the
sky texture.
For now, these flats are created as solid textures.
Hardware draw has a separate sky draw behavior.


Note: Have discovered, after the release, that those exit holes in the floor that should display sky, at least on one wad are now displaying a solid gray texture instead.   I am aware of this and will be devising a solution.  As this is a drawing exploit, it is not a simple problem.  The sky tiling was ugly and kept appearing during the game due to the expanded viewing angles that freelook allows.

  •  Large sky texture draw.

In the case of 200 or 240 sized sky textures (Heretic and Legacy substitutes), fixed the texture sky height so that the correct size TM_picture is created.
Fixes BUG 0668.

  • Freedoom file names.

Changed the freedoom wad names, avoiding doom wad names as that was conflicting with doom2 gamemode.

Freedoom: "freedoom2.wad", "freedoom.wad", and "fdoom2.wad".
Ultimate freedoom: "freedoom1.wad", "freedu.wad", "fdoomu.wad".

This affects the wad name that is used when invoking "-game freedoom", and when determining the gamemode

based on only the IWAD file name.

  • Monsters disappearing.

Fixed BUG 0670, Monsters mysteriously disappearing, moving large distances into the void space.

This bug was introduced in the moonwalk patch (SVN 1540) by copying the opposite direction calculation code from PrBoom.
This was done in an effort to reduce differences that might lead to bugs.  It replaced a table lookup implementation.
However, the PrBoom calculation must be guarded against the value DI_NODIR, which the table implementation could handle inherently.

Without that protection, an olddir of DI_NODIR introduced a direction of 12 into the logic, which can only handle directions of 0..7, with NODIR=8.
Several times a game that 12 value would survive long enough to get used, which would be expressed as a wild walk movement.

  •  Improved large blockmap handling.

Improved the large blockmap handling to deal with more issues of blockmap overflow in the presence of zennode blockmap compression.
It can now handle more maps of the Lost Civilization wad, although some other issues are still present.

  •  SDL Mouse2 support implemented.

The mouse2 support was found to be disabled and missing for the SDL port.  It has been fixed, and expanded to handle PC mice, MouseSystems mice, and PS/2 mice, for SDL Linux, SDL Windows, and Win32 ports.
Fixes BUG 0669.


Made LOGMESSAGES work again, which writes debugging logs. Release binaries do not have this code.

If DoomLegacy is compiled with LOGMESSAGES enabled (doomdef.h file), a log.txt file will be produced.
Compiling with DEBUG currently enables LOGMESSAGES.

  • GCC10, overlapped string copy.

Fixed the overlapped string copies detected by GCC 10.

Fixes BUG 0671, Michael Bäuerle.

  •  Reduced warnings when compiling with GCC 10.

This was mostly due to signed char being used as an index, which may cause problems on some platforms.
Fixes BUG 0671.

Edited by wesleyjohnson

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Great :) Thanks for the info. I like this Port and i use this for Win7 and Dos [old version] (DOsbox).


Exists a Guide for a Step by Step Compile for DOS under Windows 7.


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I develop DoomLegacy using Linux 4.4.


I am currently debugging the Linux X11 port, which is trying to drive me insane (? insaner).  Anyone want to tackle XLib?

The X11 port often segfaults during video initialization, depending upon exactly what command line video settings are used,

unless I compile with DEBUG, where upon it won't crash.  The debugging setup is weird, as I cannot run the GDB and

DoomLegacy in the same X11 screen without the two mutually locking up, so the debugger is being run by a second user

from another X11 login.


I have a WinXP, with MinGW, which is used to compile the Windows version.


For any other ports, including Win7,  I rely upon users with that hardware and OS, reporting bugs and needed code changes.

Thank You for any platform information you can share with me, for compiling, and for run-time setup.


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Finally making some progress on the X11 port bugs.

Got the video problem mostly controlled.

Got some new sound code, that finally actually produces some sound with ALSA (instead of just error messages).

Have to tie up a number of loose ends, and incorporate a large amount of new code.  There will be testing.

Perhaps in a month there will be an X11 port release of DoomLegacy 1.48.8, with new features (the new features are X11 only).


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