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Aliens TC running in DOS - How?

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I have both the Doom 1 and Doom 2 versions of Aliens TC, but the same problem that's prevented me from ever playing through this wad still persists to this very day..


I put all the contents in my Doom/D2 directory, run the included installer, it goes through all the motions as if it's installing properly, then I wander around the map seeing mid-air droplets that block my path and a bunch of green firesticks right next to boxes that say "FLAMMABLE!". I eventually get to the green alien-infested looking bits, and get blocked by the scenery and can't progress any further.


Why is it like this? Why does it never install properly even when I use the included installer? I checked out IcarusLives' video on it and the green torches are meant to be lamps that don't block your path, and it looks like the droplets aren't floating mid-air either..


I've tried with Doom 2 version 1.9 and it does this, so I tried it with the Ultimate Doom and got the same results, then I tried it with the version 1.6 of Doom and yet again, the same results.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've wanted to and tried to play this thing so many times over the years, dunno why I've never asked until now..

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The wiki page links to some prior advice.


If you're exasperated enough to compromise purism, I'll add that Quasar's remaster worked flawlessly for me in PrBoom+ with Boom 2.02 complevel. At least I'm pretty sure those visplane crashes were in the original. :>

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