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A Nobody

Why Weren't Heretic 3 and Hexen 3 Made?

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On 1/11/2021 at 10:24 AM, ETTiNGRiNDER said:

There was an interview with Kevin Schilder recently that touched on it a bit, at least from his perspective:



To boil it down to bullet points,

  • The IP rights are contentious, which is also why Portal of Praevus and Heretic II aren't sold any more.
  • Even if that weren't the case, the Raven/Human Head split left lasting bad blood between the original creators of the franchise.

The points people have made above about the story being pretty much "done" are worth considering, too, though in this age of reboots and remakes it's not like that would stop anyone looking to make a buck off it if they could.


Just make mods for what we have.  It's better that way.

Basically this. I have heard that Phil Spencer mentioned HeXen now that Microsoft is working through an acquisition of Activision. That (in theory) would resolve the contention over the IP rights since both the content and publishing rights would belong to the same company. We can always hope. If they do decide to make a new Heretic or HeXen game, I hope they do a "reboot / re-telling" in the way they've done with Doom. Run it on Tech 7 and make it really optimized. (And not stupid) 

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I wouldn’t mind a sequel to Hexen or Heretic I never played Heretic II BECAUSE AND I KNOW THIS IS STUPID BUT HE BECAME A THIRD PERSON SHOOTER INSTEAD OF A FIRST PERSON SHOOTER LIKE THE FIRST ONE WAS I DIDN’T LIKE THAT, but Idsoftware the creators behind doom could make a sequel to Hexen or Heretic 

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