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A Piece of Hell - A Community Project I Should Have Uploaded Sooner

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Hi everyone, just wanted to get some info out of the way first: even though I'm very new to Doomworld, I have been making maps in private ever since 2012 though I only ever uploaded two maps in the past that are likely lost in the ether nowadays. Not too fussed though since they were awful anyways. However around mid-2020 I gotten back into mapping after years of not making anything after coming up with a idea for a community map project for a Youtuber known as Piece of Pie Software, a good friend of mine and one of the first ever let's players on Youtube who just so happens to be a huge Doom nut. I wanted to get back into mapping by doing something cool for him and the little community we have for being cool dudes and dudettes, so do check him out! I'm sure you've noticed how cleverly we named the wad.


After partaking in MFG38's 3x3 community project, it inspired me to sign up here and finally be in touch with the Doom community at large as I do see myself making and putting more maps out there in the foreseeable future since I was reminded how fun making stuff is and wanted to share this project from 2020 with more people. Yay more Doom!


NOW, onto the good stuff:

A Piece of Hell was a month long deal where me, MFG38 and DCraven_0ne managed to make 5 maps. While others were invited, us three were the only ones who managed to make anything for the project and pulled out all the stops to make the best dang maps we could. While I was the lead, I felt obligated to put out more maps and write the story in the intermission screens. MFG did an excellent job compiling the full wad and making those intermissions work and Craven made an awesome boss as well as a hilarious little easter egg of a silly little in-joke we have. The story in general is full of in-jokes really. The antagonist's name is also a very old in joke, I promise this was made before The Ancient Gods Part 1.


While it's very casual friendly in Hey Not Too Rough and Hurt Me Plenty, it is quite the challenge in Ultra-Violence with a decent length (roughly 2 hours for a first run) considering the small number of maps. The maps I made have full DM and Coop support as well albeit were never tasted as the wad seemingly doesn't work in Zandronum but may work fine by other means. I expect UV coop to be crushingly brutal for most players however so do let me know if anyone can get that working. Would love to hear your experiences :)


EDIT: It's a ZDoom mapset (Hexen format) but is strongly advised you use GZDoom to play. Crouch and jump have also been disabled.


Always happy to get some feedback and hope you all enjoy <3


Screenshots for the curious:




A Piece of Hell.zip

Edited by InfernalMonsoon : To clarify source port compatibility.

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Looks neat, but you might want to include the port compatibility, recommended controls etc. in the post.

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It's included in the readme with the .zip file - it's a ZDoom mapset but is heavily advised to use GZDoom, all I know is Zandronum doesn't work and other source ports like prBoom+ and Vanilla style ones like Crispy Doom definitely won't work. Crouch and jump are disabled in game but mouselook is allowed, so for a ZDoom mapset it's not too fancy or out there.

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On 3/23/2021 at 11:01 PM, Reelvonic said:

ima play it, mind if i add it to my wad archive also

Sure thing :)


On 3/23/2021 at 10:20 PM, Suitepee said:



Here's my playthrough of the whole thing. (UV, pistol starts)


Map 4 was pain.

Glad I could bring you much pain John!

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