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WAD I made

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Huh interesting.


It's definitely better by the third version.  It's a very flat map though, quite literally: there's hardly any height variations anywhere, no stairs or pillars or ledges or anything like that.  Now obviously there's nothing that says a good Doom level must have lots of floor height variations, but in this case the combat never gets a whole lot more complicated than "enter room and kill monster", which along with lots of corridor wandering and some unnecessary backtracking makes the experience overall more repetitive than it needs to be.  The area with the Baron behind the lit wall is probably the best looking part; light variation is definitely your friend!  The archviles in those little windows are more or less useless, and once you know the chaingunners can just be bypassed for free crusher kills (as Clippy learned the hard way) they turn out pretty useless too.


Given that you described this as a "proof of concept" I certainly don't expect a super polished map at this phase, so I've avoided going too much into the aesthetics of the map.  I appreciate that it's not overly long and there's not too much backtracking through empty, unchanged areas. Gameplay-wise I definitely think it could use a little more variety, I've never been a fan of tight, flat, corridor-ey maps because as I noted above they often end up a bit repetitive.  Try experimenting with some rooms, spaces etc. with a little more space, play around with pillars and raised platforms and things like that to jazz the level up a bit.  

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