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Doom: Hell on Earth 2.4

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Ok, at last I managed to get this part up. I intended to put it up yesterday, but I had various problems getting on Doomworld, first with Doomworld seemingly being down (at least on my computer) and then with my own internet connection being down. My connection is still a bit itchy and has already prevented me from posting this once before this day.

With all the trouble I had posting this, you had better enjoy it :-P


Sign of Evil – Part 4


“This place gives me the heebie jeebies” Nash said in the radio. “We could be in the alien world for all we know – it doesn’t look like the damn star base anymore! I think we should head back!”
“We are not in the Alien world dumbass!” I snarled out of the side of my mouth.
“And the fact that this place doesn’t look like a human base could indicate that we are getting close to that …thing, so shut the fuck up Nash!”
“You’re talking to me like you’re my superior, what the fuck do you think you a…” he began, but my gloved hand suddenly grabbed him by his throat and lifted him in the air.
“I thought you wanted to live, boy!” I hissed. “And I thought I had made it clear that we have to stick together to survive – seems like you didn’t get that”
Nash made some odd grunting sounds and jerked to try and get out of my iron grip, but it was useless.
“And by the way, I used to be a Sergeant before that jackass Stevenson screwed up my career”

I let go of him and dumped him onto the floor where he made some wheezing sounds, gasping for breath through his helmet’s breather.

“We continue” Crash cut in. “It’s the only thing we can really do that seems sensible”

Nash got to his feet and picked up his chain gun. He suddenly froze as did the rest of us. Odd sounds echoed throughout the corridors and rooms. Crash spoke through gritted teeth.
“We’ve got company”
“Yeah” I grunted.
“The question is only: WHERE?” Goliath mumbled.


We went deeper down until we reached a series of large rooms supported by several pillars. There were a large horde of Arachnotrons and mancubuses waiting for us there.

“HOLD YOUR FIRE!” Crash yelled on top of her voice as the creatures barked and screeched at us.

A group of arachs started spraying plasma at us and we split up, diving behind a couple of pillars.
“Try and catch them in their own crossfire!” Crash snarled and we ran out of hiding getting the monsters’ attention.
A mancubus fired a series of flame balls and one of them hit an arachnotron, exploding in a bonfire. The bio-mechanical terror moved around and sent a continuous stream of burning plasma at the offender, but hit another mancubus that got in the way.

Before too long, the rooms were in chaos. The monstrosities were fighting each other like crazy, but we soon found it too hairy.

“Get that BFG into action!” The Lieutenant screamed. “MOVE!”

I didn’t wait for a printed invitation and pumped a couple of high-power energy blasts into the horde, significantly reducing their numbers. My comrades began to open fire too and the monsters were diminished into a small group.
The last shot rung out and the distorted electronic scream of a dying arachnotron filled the rooms.

And then another sound reached our ears.
“What the Hell is that?” Goliath whispered.
“Dunno” I responded hoarsely. “I haven’t heard anything like that before.

A menacing sound echoed throughout the darkened hallways, but we couldn’t tell where it came from. Funnily enough, the sound reminded me slightly of a distorted sort of mocking laughter, but it somehow sounded like a snoring too. An odd, laughing snoring.

“Where does it come from?” Nash whispered. He sounded like he was shitting his pants from fear.
The sound was getting closer. I tightened my grip on the large weapon in my hands.

The sound of crackling bones and splattering organs and flesh reached my ears. It came from one of those rooms!
Without warning, Nash suddenly ran away from us and through a doorway.
“Nash come back here, that’s an order!” Crash hissed vivid with rage. But Nash ignored her.
“After him but stay in cover!” she snarled at Goliath and me.

I ran after him with the others behind me. I saw Nash run through a doorway, looking around. He suddenly froze up, staring at something.
I heard an inhuman scream – it started deep, then reached higher pitches. The “something” had discovered Nash.
“Nash! Get behind cover dammit!” I yelled, but Nash had frozen up completely, staring at whatever the thing was scared to death.
To my astonishment, I saw transparent flames shoot out of the air around Nash, surrounding him, but he didn’t seem to be hurt. With a sudden scream of terror he spun around and ran towards an open doorway but it was too late.

He was only inches away from safety when the flames suddenly exploded into a huge bonfire with an almost explosive force and the sound of an explosion reached our ears. Nash, or rather what was left of him was thrown into the air by some powerful force and his burnt corpse smashed against the top of the door frame.

With an angry battle cry I leapt into the room with the BFG at the ready.

And then stopped dead in my tracks. Before me stood a tall, skeletal figure. It was a grayish yellow color, almost golden in the same way as brass, and it had a humanoid form, but it was at least three and a half meters tall.

It’s hideous, eyeless face had some odd plates instead of cheeks and the underside of its face was so horribly distorted that I couldn’t determine whether it had a mouth or not. Its skin seemed as if it was made out of a sort of slightly metallic material and its lower spine was the only thing that linked its torso to its hip and legs which where incredibly thin but very muscular at the same time. Its arms were very long and its hands huge with long, thin fingers. Behind me, the sound of gunfire suddenly erupted and like in a dream I head Crash yell “More company!”.

As I watched, I saw how the skeletal being suddenly spread its arms out over the corpse of a fallen mancubus and the huge hands began to glow with a burning red color. To my amazement I saw how all the internal organs of the dead monster that were spread out on the floor around the corpse suddenly fell inside the corpse again, the large wounds in its body closed and the body was literally put together before my eyes.

The Mancubus shook its head and barked. It was alive again!

The tall, thin, vile creature turned towards me with great speed and raised its hands. I suddenly felt how the air around me became hotter and a voice inside me screamed “Goddammit, fire or you will die!”. Like a sleepwalker I pulled the trigger of the mighty weapon in my hands and felt the powerful forces that were building up inside the gun as it started to hum.

Transparent fire leapt up around me but I suffered no harm from it. Sweat trickled down my forehead inside my helmet. It felt like I was trapped inside a confined capsule that was being heated from the outside.

I saw as the thin creature, blazing with fire, lowered its arms again and apparently molded together the fiery forces in its hands before it stretched its hands towards me. The heat was getting unbearable.

The BFG gave a powerful recoil, jerking my torso backwards, as it launched the glowing green ball of energy at the monster.
The powerful blast of the BFG slammed into the monster and exploded with a bright light. I heard a distorted scream and when my eyes could see again, I saw the ruined remains of the monster landing on the floor a good distance away from me. Its torso was nothing but a bloody pulp, its head was gone and its limbs all separated from its body.

It was dead.

But the reanimated mancubus was still alive but badly hurt from the blast. I ran into cover as it started to fill the room with flames from its twin flamethrowers, just as my radio sprung to life again.
“I thought we bagged ALL these damn arachnotrons!” Crash snarled in the other end. “We just killed another of ‘em”
“No you didn’t” I quickly told her, shifting weapons and pulling out my combat shotgun.
I leapt into view again and immobilized the mancubus with a blast that tore its body open but it was still alive.

“You killed one of the same ones – I just bagged a freak that was reanimating these damn things” I continued, stressing the word “Reanimating”.
“It killed Nash” I continued a bit more quiet now.
The other end of the radio went silent. The mancubus lifted its evil face towards me, it’s green eyes glowing with hatred. I pointed the double barreled shotgun at its face and blew it away, putting an end to its repugnant life.

“Anyway...” Crash began, after a short silence.
“We’ve found something odd”

Across the pool of slime it loomed above us. It was horrible.

A large machine composed almost exclusively from dead flesh and ruined corpses. At the center was a large set of wires and that area of the machine looked like a huge skull. When we looked closer, we could see that its “eye sockets” were monitors that there was a console and its “nose hole”.

“We need to get to that thing – it could turn out to be…. IT!”
Goliath looked around and pointed at a skull switch on a nearby wall. Crash nodded in response and Goliath fist hammered it.

The ground began to shake under us and walls and pillars started to collapse.

“Umm, I’m not sure this was such a good idea...” Crash said nervously.
“Well, I have good news and bad news!” I replied and pointed at the machine. A walkway was slowly rising, making the machine accessible. I pointed over my shoulder where several monsters approached us from the collapsed areas.

“Cover me!” Crash hissed. “Get those assholes off my back while I try to work out that damn thing!”

Crash sprinted over the walkway towards the machine and Goliath and I opened fire at the hordes.

The nimble female marine reached the machine and immediately started punching in commands. When a large Cacodemon loomed into view and spat a ball of lightning at her. She quickly leapt aside, turned towards the floating monstrosity and sprayed it with the plasma rifle, knocking it backwards and killing it.
“I SAID COVER MY ASS DUMBASSES, can’t you hear!?” Crash roared in anger.
“Oh we heard ya all right!” Goliath responded, gunning down a group of possessed human troops with his chaingun.
“But we’ve got plenty o’ stuff on our own hands here”

Crash continued and with a sudden cry of satisfaction she told us that the machine was shut down.

“Fine” Goliath snarled. “Then do us a favor…AND GET OVER HERE AND HELP US BAG THOSE ALIENS!”
Crash swiftly came over to our aid and lay down a barrage of deadly plasma pulses.

I glanced over my shoulder briefly looking at the vile machine.

The last demon fell before our weapons and my two comrades started cheering.
“We did it, we did it!” Crash yelled. “I just intercepted a radio transmission, they’re sending in airborne reinforcements!”

Only I remained silent. With long, determined strides I walked over the walkway to the machine, briefly looking at it. Then I stepped back, brought out my BFG, noticing that I had only enough energy cells left to fire one last shot, and then I pulled the trigger.

“What the Hell do you think you’re doing soldier!?” Crash suddenly yelled out in alarm. *Zzapp*
The BFG launched the energy ball and it crashed straight into the machine, tearing it apart.
A series of explosions erupted. I lowered the gun. Suddenly the machine erupted in one huge explosion.

The force was so powerful that it sent me flying through the air. I felt a sharp pain in my chest as several sharp metal pieces from the machine tore through my armor vest and into my body.

Everything suddenly went black.


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Nice work covering the Arch-Vile, but I only have one question.

Why does Doomguy fire his BFG at the machine instead of pulling the switch?

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From what I can tell, they already hit the switch. He wanted to completely destroy it, possibly to make sure it wasn't turned back on after they left.

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They were about to paradrop re-inforcements, and it seems he thought flipping the switch was too easy to be true, a deception. So, he did it to save the re-inforcements from burning when they hit the shield. Probably didn't have much time, so he had to blow it up right away. Odd he didn't at least get everyone to clear the room though.

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Ultraviolet said:

Odd he didn't at least get everyone to clear the room though.

The guy is half mad from those voices in his heads - makes it difficult for him to think about others. But perhaps I should try and explain why he did like he did in the next chapter. And no UltraViolet, this is not the end. He's got another journey to Hell ahead of him >:-]

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Awesome job dsm!

BTW is this just me or, everytime someone in your story is alone (excepted the doomguy), they ALWAYS get killed/eaten by a friggin DEMON? I mean, look at Stevenson :|

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Yeah but it was an ARCH-VILE buddy ;)

and i found 2 old chapters that use a "demondeath" scene:
Another one used an imp death, but i am lazy :b use a goat damnit, a fuckin spectre too (love to see the guy face when he see his leg being digested :)

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Mr. NobodX said:

Awesome job dsm!

BTW is this just me or, everytime someone in your story is alone (excepted the doomguy), they ALWAYS get killed/eaten by a friggin DEMON? I mean, look at Stevenson :|

Well, the guys I kill with demons are usually total assholes, so I want to kill them the most horrible and painful way...like being eaten alive by demons.

I did play around with other creatures but found that getting his ass eaten up by demons would be the best idea - Barons and Hell Knights would just tear him apart in seconds flat, killing him with projectiles would be boring and not as terrifying for the victim and introducing the archvile earlier to kill Stevenson (I considered that) would also be too quick a death for an asshole like Stevenson, so I decided to have him suffer a fate similar to that of his Uncle (Col. Hauser from the first story).

And I believe that the first bad guy I killed off in Doom: Evil Unleashed (that guy played a very small role in the story) was killed by an imp, but maybe my memory deceives me.

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