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Quick Dehacked Question

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In dehacked, how do you make the Spiderdemon and the SS guy shoot pistol sound instead of that shotgun sound? I forgot the code pointers are...does anyone know?

At least I remember the chaingun guy to change to pistol sound though here:

Pointer 234 (Frame 417)
Codep Frame = 185

Pointer 235 (Frame 418)
Codep Frame = 185

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In both cases, the code pointer determines the sound being played.

The SS Guy uses the same code pointer as the Chaingunner on frames 738 and 740, so you could change the pointers for those frames.

The Spider uses the same pointer as the Shotgun guy on frames 616 and 617, so again you could change the pointers for those frames.

I don't remember if there is much difference in the damage done by the Chaingunners attack pointers (as used by the CG Guys and the SS Guys) compared to the pistol guys. I don't think there is much in it, the additional damage done by these bad guys comes mainly from the rate of fire I think. In fact I believe the main reason the chaingunners use a pointer that plays the shotgun sound is to hide the fact that the rate of fire of their weapon is different to that of the player's chaingun.

Changing the Spider's pointers to the pistol shot will change the sounds, but because the original pointer is doing shotgun guy damage, changing it will also decrease the power of the Spider's attack quite significantly at the same time.

If you are doing stuff with Zdoom, you can change the sounds via the sndinfo lump instead, and leave the way the attacks behave alone.

I think the SNDINFO entries you need to change are:


You can also make your pistol and chaingun sound different using these entries:


Just look in the SNDINFO lump in Zdoom.wad for the format if you are interested.

Note, you would only need to include your changed SNDINFO entries in a WAD, not an entire copy of the SNDINFO lump (In fact, an entire copy would cause problems.)

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