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I want to make custom doom weapons sprites.

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I don't exactly know how to do it. I assume what most people do is take pictures of guns pointing, and photoshop it so that it looks more doom-ish as well as making everything else in the image transparent. Tell me if I'm wrong. Here are some picture I took of what I want to be a gun sprite:IMG_1245.JPG.a9e777e1ede1e1f3e4a931eaf0e4098b.JPG

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From what I can tell most people on zdoom forums either draw by hand or model and then do a paint over. I think you are using the id games method, however

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You’ll need to include a little more of your arm in the sprite. Once you have 3-4 frames (photos) of firing the pistol and feeling the recoil, you’d recolour it to be much closer to Doom’s palette, scale it down to about Doom size, and then do some pixel touch-ups. It’s time consuming but can be fun too. This is more or less how id did it.

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