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My less-than-monthly rant: IMJack's sig

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I hate discrete maths. It's probably the hardest class I'm having and the one I'm most likely to fail this semester. Unless you count my programming class in. "Programming Paradigms" actually.

(Could you believe it? I'm on a computer/systems engineering course and the first semester is 3/5 math, 1/5 computers, and 1/5 high-school-level physics.)

Haskell is awesome, unlike my teachers. And, IMHO, contrary to their belief, it's definitely not a beginner's language - especially considering that instead of dealing with simple problems, we're already working with monads.

Sorry for this random rant.

P.S. Does anyone have any tips on set theory they'd like to share?

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I took Disco3 at my school (Discrete and Combinatorial Algebra), but it didn't do much for me. Well, I guess it did show me that I'm not cut out to be a theoretical mathematician:)

We talked about cwatsets and other mathematical absurdities. If you don't know what a cwatset is (and you don't), you don't want to know either.

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I kicked ass in D.Math, both terms. Everything just came together in those classes. Prof. Farage knows what he's teaching, knows how to do entertaining and engaging examples, and has a classroom optimized for teaching. (The new Engineering & Computer Science building at UTD kicks all ass. Senate-style classrooms with full A/V setups and the comfiest classroom chairs I've ever sat in. I'll post some pics if I can find 'em.)

Discrete Math was fun because it's like teaching kindergarten math to a computer. Learning how to count, read, color... It was kinda cute. A good perpective on just how simple computer logic is, despite the illusion of the high-and-mighty supercomputers running the world.

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I'm awesome at mental arithemtic. Until I was about 10 I was top of the year in Maths. Then algebra and the need to write stuff down happened. And I fell fell fell.

Hence I'm doing an English degree and Masters!

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