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I'm thinking of starting up speedmapping sessions again for a few weeks. Would anyone be interested? If it takes place, it'll run from next weekend until mid January, when I have to go back to university.

The 100 minutes events would take place on either Fridays or Sundays (unfortunately Saturdays is inconvenient for me), so say here which day you'd prefer.

I'm also open to suggestions of what time it should take place, but so as many people as possible can join in (bearing in mind international time zones) the earliest possible start time would have to be 5pm GMT (12pm East Coast time) and the latest 10pm GMT (5pm East Coast time).

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i'd be interested, i done something similar with quake speed mapping and it was fun, although my maps were crap :)

i dunno if i could do it with Doom because doom is much more fiddly, but I'd give it a go.. 5pm gmt would be fine on fridays, but would need to be 7pm on sundays for me to take part because I work late on sundays (unless I have the day off).

However any time later on both days would be fine.

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I'd wanted to try that the last time it was going on. My only problem is that I use DCK, so I'd need to exit to DOS to edit. I guess I could set a timer, so I know when to stop mapping. I'd like to try it this time around.

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As two people suggested it, how does 7pm GMT on Sundays sound?


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I'd be interested... if I actually rememberred this time... 7pm is bad for me tho... an hour later would be good.

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