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Some Dark Ambient Music For Your Projects/WAD's

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I've released some dark ambient/horror music that i'm allowing anyone to use freely on their projects (providing it's not for commercial use). So if you want to use the tracks in your WAD's then by all means, go for it. My only requirement is that you credit me where appropriate.


You can find my music here: https://vileorah.bandcamp.com/


I intend to make more in order to create a variety, but in the meantime i'd also love to know what you think. This type of music is certainly niche but i hope you guys like it.


If you're not a fan of Bandcamp, i've also uploaded the tracks to YouTube. Here are two tracks from the Unearth Us EP. The rest is on my channel.




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I really like the two tracks. Escapism has a nice, moody, melancholic quality, while Dwelling is more surreal horror. 

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I get the same feeling from this music that I get from Andrew Hulshult's DUSK soundtrack( The more ambient tracks, such as "Ashes to ashes, dusk to dusk"). I like it. Good job, friend...

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