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Death itself cannot die PART 5

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Here's chapter 5. Hope you like it! post ur comments soon.


“What was that thing?” Venus asked.

I looked up. “It was a… a Cacodemon.” I answered. I hated those things just from dad’s descriptions. I was still laying on the floor. I saw Venus’s face look at me from above my face.

“Get up, man. C’mon.” she said calmly.

I pulled myself to my feet. Venus smiled.

“You know, you’re pretty brave, attacking that Caco… whatever thing so close. Thanks for saving my skin.” She said quietly.

I blushed. Just then, the large door opened and Kazi, Rocky and Mark walked into the room. Just in friggin’ time.

“You guys okay?” Rocky asked.

Venus and I nodded in unison. I pointed towards the symbol on the ground. It was a red slab of rock with a pentagram etched on it. I walked cautiously over to it. I touched it and a green light surrounded me, and I disappeared.

“What the fuck was that? Where’d he go?” Kazi shouted.

I appeared again in a place that seemed familiar. Red sky. That was it. No pillars or pools of blood. Just the red sky. The rest of the team appeared before my eyes.

“Uhh, I don’t think this is Earth anymore.” Mark said quietly.

Venus was sweating under her suit. The air was hot. Really hot. We walked through a hallway. The walls were made of flesh here. They had forms of strange wires and lights in them. I touched one and it felt just like flesh of a human. Kazi took his knife out and cut the wall. It started to bleed all over. A loud screech came from inside the walls. The walls were alive.

“What the fuck…..” I whispered. The blood from the wall was still gushing, creating a large puddle on the floor. That’s when I noticed the floor. It was made from bones and skulls of other creatures.

“Man. It’s like a friggin’ Martha Stewart passed in here, makin’ the walls an floors out of leftovers…” Rocky said, trying to get us to laugh. But we were to freaked out to even smirk. I felt the walls on the opposite side. My hands sank into one portion, and when I pulled them out quickly, my gloves were covered in blood. The walls began to move. The wall on the north side swung open, revealing a room of bodies.

“More friggin’ bodies. Man, these things like killing.” Mark said.

The bodies started to twitch. One of them grunted. Venus gasped loudly. The bodies rose from the ground. Their uniforms were dirty and bloodstained, and mucus and blood flowed from their noses and mouths. They grunted and groaned as they reached for their guns.

“FIRE!” Screamed Kazi.

We fired rounds into the zombies and the bodies were dead once again.

“What in the name of holy hell are these guys up to?” Rocky asked.

I slammed my fist on the living wall hard. The walls screamed again from inside.

“Aah, Shut the FUCK UP!!!” I screamed.

I was getting frustrated. I’d seen a lot of death, and I wanted to see no more. Venus looked at me.

“A.J., calm down. Please. It’s not gonna get any better. It’s only gonna get worse. That’s why we became Marines. To fight. So, calm down, and try to be strong.”

I sighed. I walked towards the dead zombies, the bone floors crackled as I walked on them. I collected the ammunition from the corpses.

“He’s pissed. Gonna go mad.” Kazi whispered to his brother.

I looked at my bloody, gloved hands. They were my father’s gloves. Now there was more bloodstains covering them. My open hand became a closed fist.

“Let’s get going.” I exclaimed.

We walked down a frightening corridor with living walls once again. Kazi was getting freaked out. Venus walked slowly beside me. She seemed to stick close to me ever since the Cacodemon incident. I tried to open the door in front of us, but it would not respond. A smashed control panel hung off the wall beside the door.

“Shit.” I whispered. “Everyone, step back. I’m gonna blow the wall open. They stepped far back, as I pulled out my BFG. I felt the gun heat up as the large green plasma sphere hurled from the barrel of the gun, causing the door to explode in a ball of flame. When the smoke settled, I gasped.

“WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?!” Mark screamed.

There was a huge monster. About the size of 2 men. It had goat-like legs and horns like a goat protruding from its skull. It’s skin was reddish in color, and it had tusks like a warthog. Its glowing red eyes looked at all of us. The monster roared with anger, as it swung its green flaming arms, hurling balls of green plasma at us.

I dodged the ball of plasma, and retaliated by firing off my own plasma. The plasma sphere struck the monster, flinging it backwards into the wall, but not killing it. Venus took out her double-barreled shotgun and blasted the creature with shells in the head. It was still living. She loaded 2 more shells into the barrels and fired again.

The monster’s head flew off and landed in a puddle of slime with a splash. The monsters torn open torso fell to it’s knees. Its intestines spilled out on the floor, and it fell to the ground.

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This one's cool. Good work mate. Now, take your time to read my comments in the previous chapters and take a break. Judging by the fact that you have just posted five chapters in less than two days, while still making the stories somewhat interesting, I would say that you have a shitload of talent.

If I were you, I'd try and spend a little more time on the chapters, working them over to make them even better and always, ALWAYS pay attention to good advice :-)

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I want more creepy! I want less fighting!

And it would be cool if everybody started to run low on ammo about now.

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