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Looking for Doom console levels in episode format

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I'm looking for an 8-map episode for Doom 2 that bundles the console-exclusive levels together. Someone on the ZDoom forums has apparantly done this in the past, but the link is dead and the new versions of it arent what im looking for: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=36600&sid=0609168052ffde8228e4142b27fa1f63


I already have Lost Episode, but its an acquired taste due to the weirdness and also takes lots of creative liberties (And is also missing Hell Gate), I just want a simple version of the 8 maps to blast through (a 9 map traditional episode would be nice, but the only options for a ninth map are Sewers, Betray or the unfinished extra map in the 3DO asset dump, and all three would need heavy editing to remotely fit in with the other Midway/Jaguar maps)


Does anyone have a copy of this No Consolation episode, or failing that, can walk me through building my own version of it? Apparantly it was made from a collection of maps Kaiser released.

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There is an error in the mapset that you will have to correct yourself; the mapinfo is set to send you to E3M9 from Club Doom, but there is no E3M9 (unless it expects Sewers/Betray to go there) instead of E3M4.

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The Map E3M9 is Betrayal. Just rename that map to E3M9 and load it together as a another WAD on top or into a PK3, zip or PK7 file.


You should also pull the FSKYxxx sprites from PSX Doom TC to this wad or load it in a separate PK3 or PK7 file so it shows up for one or two of the maps.


I updated a personal copy with GEC's maps (and assets) but did not ask for permission to distribute it yet. 



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